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  1. What makes up classic coastal style?

    If you're not looking forward to summer's end and are longing for more days spent at the beach, you might benefit from classic coastal style this upcoming season. The cool hues and sea-worthy decorations can instantly transport you to a better, beachier place. Here are the main elements to include in your design plan.

    Blue and white
    These colors should be the focal points of your palette, as they're reminiscent of nautical themes. Everything from your window treatments to sofa sets should involve these shades, but bits of red, brown or beige can be added for a little pop.

    Wooden decor
    Wooden materials evoke a certain ship-like vibe that fits perfectly in a classic coastal room. Consider updating your windows with wood blinds or faux wood blinds and using plenty of wooden furniture. Whether you choose dark or light finishes is up to you.


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  2. Top 5 things you should provide in a guest bathroom

    Whether it's your best friend from college, your in-laws or your teenage daughter's bestie, guests might be somewhat regular additions to your household. While great food spreads, a comfy living room and a cozy bed are all wonderful things to provide your visitors with, the one thing they might appreciate most is a guest bathroom. But what do you put in it for their convenience? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    1. Towels galore. There's nothing worse than taking a shower in someone else's house only to realize that you forgot to ask for a towel. Avoid any awkward situations by stocking your guest bathroom with plenty of towels. The more luxurious-feeling they are, the better. Keep in mind that some people like to use two towels - one for the body and one for the hair.

    2. Roller shades for windows. Imagine walking into a bathroom to discover that the windows are completely bare,

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  3. Green tips for saving energy this summer

    As you watch the mercury climb higher every day, you've probably begun thinking about how much money you'll be spending on energy to cool your home this summer. Air conditioning can be an expensive luxury that may make saving for family vacations or other fun activities a chore, so it's nice to know that there are affordable methods for cutting down your electricity bill that are also eco-friendly. Here are a few home design tips to keep in mind.

    Ceiling fans
    If it's a warm day outside, you can help cool things down indoors with classic ceiling fans. These devices are great for circulating fresh air around your home without breaking the bank. You can also use these in combination with custom window shades to limit the amount of direct sunlight that comes through your windows to keep your house comfortable when the sun is high in the sky.


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  4. Looking for money-saving tips to redecorate on a budget?

    When it comes to your household budget, some things are obviously more important than others. That's why the amount of money you spend on groceries is probably more than the amount you set aside for entertainment. Unless you have an unlimited cash flow (that'd be nice), your budget for interior decor probably isn't huge. But you don't have to skimp on your design schemes when you use a few of these money-saving tips to redecorate.

    Look for sales
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but looking for sales and clearance events is one way to save money on the materials you buy for your new decorating plan. Scour the newspapers, check out your favorite suppliers' websites and look for signs posted in the stores you usually frequent. Then be sure to shop in the designated time frame!

    Avoid the expensive guys
    There are some brands that are notorious for having high prices, and chances are you don't want anything to do with them right now.

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  5. How to add light to your living space

    No matter how well you decorate your living room, it won't do much good if there isn't enough light to show off your interior design skills. Fortunately this problem can be easily remedied by following these simple steps.


    Besides adding extra depth, hanging up a few mirrors will help reflect and multiply the light that is already in your living space. You can go to antique or second hand stores to find great vintage mirrors that have ornate wooden frames, or you can buy one and add a custom frame. In order to get the most out of your mirrors, especially if they are aged, you may want to apply glass cleaner and give them a good scrubbing.


    Having a light-colored room will bring an element of brightness to your home, no matter what time of the year it is. There are limitless options that range from sea foam green to peach, and each one will bring about a light-hearted feel that is sure to elevate the mood.

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  6. How to make a nautical-themed living room

    Even if you don't live beachside, consider adding a nautical theme to your living space to establish a refreshing atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the open seas. With a few of these helpful tips you'll be feeling the ocean breeze in no time.

    Nautical-ize Your Furniture

    Most of your furniture and appliances can be remodeled in order to make seem fit for the sea. HGTV suggests wrapping hemp twine around your lamp with some super glue in order to infuse your lighting with a nautical feel. You may also want to add beach-themed throw pillows to your couch that have images of starfish and old wooden vessels embroidered on them.

    Decorations From a Ship

    You can adorn your walls with great accent pieces that look as though they were taken from a ship. You should check your local antique shops or look online to find old steering wheels that were used to control the rudder. You may want to sand them down and apply a fresh coat of

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  7. The benefits of houseplants

    When it comes to creating an attractive design scheme in your home, there are numerous ways you can arrange your furniture, lighting fixtures, decor accents and color schemes to lend visual interest to the space. However, even the most well-decorated home can seem a little sterile without the influence of Mother Nature. If you're looking to incorporate a few natural aspects into your interior aesthetic, consider some of these benefits of decorating with houseplants.

    Clean the air
    Whether it's the middle of winter or the hottest day of summer, the air trapped within your home can quickly become stale and polluted with dust, allergens and other airborne irritants. However, there are many basic houseplants that can function as natural air filters to help improve the air quality indoors. In particular, ferns, aloe vera and devil's ivy will help you breathe deep at any time of year.

    Splash of color
    While it's great to have floral patterns

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  8. How to nail Asian-style decor in your bathroom

    The bathroom is often a place where homeowners go to relax, whether in a shower or a bath. As such, soothing design schemes and tranquil colors are often used to help promote rest. What better way to achieve the Zen feeling than with Asian-style decor? If you're not sure what kind of appearance you should be going for, here are some tips to guide you.

    1. Use neutral colors. Shades that you would find in nature are ideal for Asian-style bathrooms, so opt for hues like brown, beige, gray and white.

    2. Bring in dark wood. A dark wood vanity and maybe even a shoji screen would help to make the room look authentic. Faux wood blinds with a darker, textured color or bamboo roman shades could also add to the effect.

    3. Set up a few plants. Choose to include orchids or ornamental grasses

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  9. Decorating your living space with plants

    If you're looking to add a little life and color to your living space, some fresh green potted plants might just do the trick. Just like any other decoration, you should choose your plants and their placement wisely, so each of them perfectly complement your living space.

    When going with a colorful flower theme, you may want to base your decision on the color of your carpets, walls, blinds and shades. If you have a pink carpet, you can match it with some pink limonium, or perhaps a vase of tulips of a similar color.

    Some plants require a lot of sunlight, while others do fine in the shade. HGTV suggests grouping plants together that have similar sun requirements for optimal plant health. A great way to create disparity within your clusters of plants and flowers is to use bricks wrapped in decorative fabric to help vary their heights.

    To help bring an elegant and refined feel to your living room, browse through

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  10. Five ways to make your kitchen more modern

    Is your kitchen stuck in the 20th century? As one of the most-used rooms in the house, a kitchen's design should be indicative of the family that lives in it, and chances are yours didn't come straight out of the 60s, 70s or 80s. Not to mention, if you're planning to sell your house in the somewhat near future, you'll need a modern kitchen - it's one of the first things potential buyers look for! Here are several ways you can update your amenities.

    1. Bring in stainless steel appliances. Gone are the days when white microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers ruled, and especially the days when wackier colors were trendy, like pea green. (Eww.) Stainless steel is pretty much a must in a modern kitchen, so consider upgrading your fixtures to newer models. You'll get an aesthetic boost as well as appliances that are more energy efficient and effective! That's a win-win.

    2. Upgrade your window treatments. If it's been years since you last updated your blinds

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