If you know how, restringing your wood or faux wood blind can be a fairly painless do-it-yourself project. The following instructions should work for any blind that is horizontal and uses a laddering system to tilt the slats and a pull cord as a lift. I recommend walking through all the steps to ensure you understand them prior to getting started.

  1. Take your blind down and take the old pull-cord out.
  2. Next feed your new pull cord through the cord lock and out through the top-rail.
  3. Next feed the cord through each slat without putting the cord through the ladder (that holds and tilts the slats)
  4. Once it is through the bottom rail, push it through the button under the bottom rail and tie a not large enough so that it does not pull through your blinds again.
  5. Hang it back up on your wall and make the final length adjustments to ensure that the cord is inline with the other cords on your blind.
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