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  1. How to arrange your living room to complement your style

    Sometimes, what we imagine when we think of a specific room can hinder the space's decorative potential. For example, if you see a sofa, loveseat, TV entertainment center, coffee table and two side tables arranged around the walls when you hear the phrase "living room," you might be limiting yourself to this boring arrangement.

    Even if you have the perfect custom window shades, discount blinds, wall color and area rug, your design could be falling flat if you're not getting creative with your furniture layout. Here's how to liven up your living room arrangement.

    1. Ditch your preconceived notions. A living room doesn't have to echo the designs of those pictures you see in interior decor magazines. It's your house and your space - do whatever YOU want with it!

    2. Aim to use the space to its fullest. If one type of arrangement

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  2. Adding tassels to your roller shades

    Roller shades for windows are some of the easiest window coverings to operate - just give them a tug! There's no worrying about tangled strings or adjusting slats with these straightforward models, but there's one way to make the pulling process even easier - by attaching a tassel.

    Tassels not only give your fingers something solid to grip, but they can add to your design scheme by incorporating colors and textures that fit your motif. You can find tassels for cheap at arts and crafts supply stores, or make your own with a little help from Martha Stewart. You'll just need a bit of linen yarn and some thread and you'll have a lovely tassel in no time.

    Once you have the tassel ready to go, it's time to attach it to your roller shade. Some shades already come with pulls of their own, so you

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  3. Turning your porch into a summertime retreat

    There's nothing better than sitting down and relaxing on a porch after a long, hot day of work or weekend chores in the summertime. Porches are also convenient spaces to host guests, as they're typically a mix of indoor�and outdoor aesthetics. But is your porch comfortable enough to provide you with a go-to getaway? If you think there's room for improvement, here are a few ideas to help you revamp that space.

    "Wicker, rugs, lanterns, lamps, artwork and accessories," says the Southern Hospitality blog. "All of those items make for a cozy porch to enjoy with family and friends." But what style should you go for, and how should you put the items together?

    For starters, you'll want to make sure that the space is comfortable as far as illumination is concerned. You want plenty of natural light to flood the space during the day, as well as shade for when the sun starts to set on long summer

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  4. Tips for organizing your home

    You may work hard to add your own decorative flair to each room of your home, whether it's cute homemade decorations, a new paint job or installing faux wood blinds. But clutter can take away from all of your interior design efforts. Follow these home organizing tips to keep a clean room so your home gets the attention it deserves.

    Kids' cubbies

    Having kids generally means having a mess, but you can do damage control by giving them a place to store all of their toys. You may want to think about constructing some simple cubbies out of a few planks of wood right in their rooms. You can include hooks and little shelves and let them customize with a paintjob of their favorite color and letter stickers to spell their names.

    Kitchen cabinets

    The more shelf space you have for your dishes and cups the more organized your kitchen will be.

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  5. The benefits of using roman shades in your interior design

    Shades are a necessary aspect of any home's design scheme, but many people don't take the time to really consider which type is best for their windows. While there are many types of window coverings on the market, one particular kind is growing in popularity - roman shades.

    Roman shades stack up in even panels when they're lifted, but fall in a smooth panel when they're let down, unlike other types of shades with slats or ribbed fabric. Because they're more ornate than other varieties, many homeowners opt to skip curtains altogether when they're using roman shades.

    In addition to their decorative potential, roman shades are also practical because they're easy to use and maintain. They're easy to pull up and let down, and you won't have to struggle to clean them like you would with traditional blinds. They also come in a wide range of materials and fabrics (

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  6. Two ways to dress up plain white shades

    Plain, white custom window shades can match virtually any decor and they're often less expensive than more decorative varieties. However, that doesn't mean you have to keep them plain and simple! If you're looking to add a bit of personality to your white blinds and shades, here are two easy DIY projects you might want to consider.

    Ribbon trim
    Choose ribbon that matches the colors or textures of the room you're using the shades in. This could be satin, squiggly edged or striped. Gather up a pair of scissors, some glue and a paint brush, then cut the ribbon to the width of the shades. Glue a strip or two of ribbon near the bottom and you're done!

    Painted designs
    Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

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  7. Affordable upgrades to a summer beach home

    Summer is almost halfway through, which means time is running out for planning that vacation you've been meaning to take all season. If you've been lucky enough to inherit the old family beach house, then chances are this is exactly the place you want to head for lazy days enjoying the salty air and sound of crashing waves. However, you may also find that your childhood vacation home's decor has grown a little worn down and outdated over the years. Here are some affordable upgrades that will breathe new life into your summer cottage.

    Furniture covers
    If that sofa or lounge chair grandma bought in 1973 is still lingering in the house, you've probably been considering replacing it for quite awhile now. However, if there's no danger of it collapsing in on itself, you can give it a purely decorative upgrade by using a furniture slipcover. These inexpensive covers can provide new colors and patterns while also protecting from stains and messes.


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  8. How to measure an inside mount for blinds

    Gearing up to buy a set of faux wood blinds or any other type of window treatment for one of your rooms? Nice choice! Now you'll just need to figure out where you want the blinds to be mounted and how big you'll need them to be. If you want a fitted look, an inside mount might be your best option. Here's how to get an accurate measurement.

    Before you get to work with that measuring tape, keep in mind that you need to be as precise as possible. Keep your measurements to the nearest eighth of an inch - don't round up. Also, be sure that when you're recording the numbers, you note which is length and which is width. It's easy to get them mixed up!

    Now, measure the width by taking measurements at the top, middle and bottom of the window frame - not all windows are perfectly square. Record the smallest measurement. Now, do the same with the height, measuring from the left, right

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  9. How to use mirrors to make a small space look bigger

    While your house or apartment may be stylish, it might not be very spacious. If the rooms in your home are smaller than you'd like them to be, you might want to consider ways to give the illusion of openness. One easy way to do this is by taking advantage of mirrors.

    Mirrors can create depth in a room, and they're also great for reflecting light, making a space look brighter, airier and more open. Once you set up your mirrors and open up those faux blinds, you'll have a larger-looking room in no time. But where do you put them?

    In a place like the kitchen, where there are many cabinets, mirror-fronted doors are ideal for fooling the eye. A mirror can also work in an unused fireplace, where it can make the floor space seem bigger and provide an unexpected focal point. If you're looking for a dynamic wall display, group several different types of mirrors together for an eclectic

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  10. Three ways to protect your window treatments from sun damage

    It's no secret that the UV rays from the sun are damaging - not just to your skin, but to your window treatments! While wood blinds or cellular shades are meant to offer your home's interiors protection, there are a few steps you should take to return the favor. Constant light could fade your window coverings.

    1. Treat your windows with a protective coating. Solar tinting film is easy to apply and it can reduce the amount of UV rays that are penetrating your windows. If you're concerned that the brightness of the room will be impacted, rest assured - there are clear films available.

    2. Consider awnings or roof overhangs. If you don't have these on your house already, it might be worthwhile to have them installed on your home's exterior. Not only will they limit the amount of sun damage that

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