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  1. Five trends to try in your new apartment in 2013

    If you're going to be moving into a new apartment to ring in 2013, you're likely on the hunt for discount window treatments, wall art and furnishings to decorate your living space. It can be exciting to relocate and have an apartment to spruce up, and there are plenty of new interior design trends to take advantage of as you do so.

    Whether you want to use your landlord's permission to paint the walls or bring in exotic furniture, there's a style to suit your personal tastes and preferences. That being said, it's never too soon to start looking at new trends and scrapbooking ideas from interior design magazines. Here are some of the most popular up-and-coming styles that you might want to consider as you begin to plan out the decor in your apartment.

    1. Royal purple. reports that the Pantone color institute

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  2. Four tips for making your windows sparkle and shine

    There's nothing quite like basking in the sunlight while indoors. If you're lucky enough to have numerous windows throughout your home, you know how comforting it can be to have natural light flowing into your living spaces throughout the day. However, you might be doing yourself an injustice if you don't keep your windows clean.

    Even with the most elegant wood blinds or shades, it can be difficult to maintain control over the natural light that enters your rooms if your windows are covered in grime. To make the most of your discount window treatments and windows as a whole, take the following tips into account.

    1. Dust often.
    The dust that can build up on your cellular shades and other window treatments over

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  3. Five common interior design mistakes made by homeowners

    If you've been meaning to bring new pleated shades, furnishings and accent decor into your great room, there's no better time to start than now. However, it can be intimidating to revamp the entire interior design of a room if you've never done so before. That being said, there are a few common mistakes you should be mindful of going into your project. By acknowledging these issues, you can avoid them yourself.

    1. Investing in recessed lighting.
    While recessed lighting can create a sense of ambiance in a living space, reports that heavily relying on it is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a designer. Instead, consider letting more natural light into the space with cellular

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  4. Three holiday decorating trends to try this season

    While some homeowners might be concerned about getting all of the lights up on their houses in time for Christmas, there's plenty of decorating to be done indoors during the holidays as well. The changing seasons gives you the perfect opportunity to bring in new discount window treatments, accent pieces and furnishings to make your home cozy before Santa's arrival. Here are some decorating trends to be mindful of as you deck the halls this year.

    1. Choose hot colors.
    Whether you're looking for a new artificial tree or ornaments, recommends selecting decorative items in vibrant colors to fall in line with the season's most popular trends. Switch out your current window treatments for cellular shades or sheer curtains to allow sunlight to pour into your home and make the colors truly pop.

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  5. Three decorating tips for your son's bachelor pad

    If your son has recently set out on his own and he's living by himself for the first time, he likely doesn't have much experience in the decorating department. That being said, there are a few ways you can help him improve the look and feel of his humble new abode. Whether he's in dire need of new pleated shades or he's yet to buy himself bedding, here are a few tips you can use to help him settle in.

    1. Address the windows first.
    The discount window treatments in a home can make all the difference, especially when it comes to a new space that lacks a sense of coziness. Consider giving your son a set of wood blinds or drapes to use throughout his first place to provide privacy as well as make it easier for him to welcome

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  6. Three tips for sprucing up your kids' playroom

    You might already have a playroom set aside for your children, but if they aren't using it as often as they once did, it may be because of its overall design and decor. Even kids can begin to notice when an interior becomes dull and lacks intrigue. Here are a few tips on how to spruce up your children's play area with the proper discount window treatments, furnishings and decorations.

    1. Make the space multifunctional.
    When you dedicate a room to kids, you want it to be a space that they can use all day long. To prevent glares and uncomfortable sunlight from pouring into the space, install cordless shades to make the room a bit cozier. These window treatments can be lowered for nap time or when the high noon sun becomes unbearable through the windows. Furthermore, they're safe for kids because

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  7. Make sharing a home office with your spouse easier with these 3 tips

    It can be a relief to have a home office where you can get all of your work done when you're away from your cubicle, but what if you have to share the space with your spouse?

    When it comes down to it, working alongside another person can be downright distracting. However, a well-designed interior with the right discount window treatments, furnishings and decor can make all the difference. Here's some advice on how to make your home office practical for both you and your partner.

    1. Choose practical window treatments.
    If you have plenty of windows in your office, you'll want to allow natural light to flow through the space as often as possible. This can create a more comfortable, welcoming environment when you're working. Consider cellular shades that can be easily opened and closed and provide

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  8. Three tips for a home theater room that impresses

    There's nothing like having a home theater where you can kick back, relax and unwind with a good movie. However, it's important to have an interior design that caters to the purpose of the space. For example, you'll want discount window treatments that block light when you're watching your big screen. Here are some tips to consider when you're decorating your home theater room to create the best viewing experience.

    1. Choose window treatments that serve a worthwhile purpose.
    While natural light is wonderful in most rooms of the home, it's not always optimal when it comes to a space that requires darkness to be enjoyed, like your home theater. Consider cordless shades or thick drapes that can completely block out the light when you want to set the stage for a movie or television viewing.

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  9. Three helpful tips for sunroom or porch decorating

    There's nothing quite like having a sunroom or an enclosed porch where you can enjoy the weather without actually being outdoors and exposed to the elements. However, this room can be tricky to decorate if you've never designed a space with a large number of windows before. Don't be discouraged if you aren't an experienced designer - here are some tips you can use to dress up your sunroom with the perfect discount window treatments, accent pieces and furniture.

    1. Welcome in sunlight with the right window treatments.
    For your sunroom or porch, you might want to consider custom window shades to fit the unique windows throughout the space. This also gives you the opportunity to design window treatments to reflect your personal style and taste. Just remember to steer clear of opaque material to allow as much beautiful

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  10. Creating a cozy new master bedroom with 3 tips

    If you've recently moved into a new house, you know how challenging it can be to make the place feel full of warmth and comfort. One room where coziness should always be a priority is the bedroom, but it can take an ample amount of time to create this in a new area without the right interior design. Here are some tips for choosing the right discount window treatments, linens and accent pieces to create a comfortable master bedroom in your new home.

    1. Embrace natural light.
    Natural light can warm up any room and it's the perfect way to make your bedroom feel more inviting. Consider bringing in wood blinds to create a sense of elegance while allowing sunlight to flow through the space. Sheer cellular shades can also

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