It can be a relief to have a home office where you can get all of your work done when you're away from your cubicle, but what if you have to share the space with your spouse?

When it comes down to it, working alongside another person can be downright distracting. However, a well-designed interior with the right discount window treatments, furnishings and decor can make all the difference. Here's some advice on how to make your home office practical for both you and your partner.

1. Choose practical window treatments.
If you have plenty of windows in your office, you'll want to allow natural light to flow through the space as often as possible. This can create a more comfortable, welcoming environment when you're working. Consider cellular shades that can be easily opened and closed and provide more opportunities for sunlight to come into the room.

2. Create stations.
When sharing space with another person, it's important to create different stations where you can both keep your items without them becoming cluttered and disorganized. By dedicating one side of the room to your stationery and gadgets, you can eventually settle in and create a sense of comfort once you start to use the space.

3. Make your work a priority.
To be sure that you never lose track of the purpose of the room - to be productive - Forbes magazine recommends keeping all of your most-used business items up front and in your face. This means ensuring your laptop, day planner and important sticky notes are all in plain sight so you don't lack concentration, even when you're working right next to your beloved.

Although it can be difficult to share a home office with another person, with the right tips you can transform it into a space full of productivity.