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  1. Where to place art in your home

    Having fresh and exciting artwork in your home can create a relaxing and interesting feel throughout your dwelling. However, it can be difficult to figure out where exactly certain pieces should go in terms of which room and in what spot.�

    The artwork
    Having a varied selection of artwork is a great start, notes Using a good selection of flat and three dimensional works may help to make your home's decor more stimulating. Additionally, it's good to mix different styles and color palettes, from majestic landscapes to more vibrant and modern works. If you're using prints instead of originals, framing them can create a dignified air that a poster by itself may lack. Original works by well-renowned artists are usually extremely expensive, but you may be able to find quality works by lesser-known artists at art colleges and local galleries.


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  2. Tips for sprucing up your first apartment

    You're striking out on your own, away from your parents and out of the dorms! It's likely that you're on a budget when choosing your first apartment (no penthouse for you - yet) but that doesn't mean you can't have a sweet pad. Here are some tips for dressing up your new place without breaking the bank.�

    Choose your theme before buying decor
    The most common way for an apartment to look like ... well, a first apartment is by having furniture, wall decorations, window treatments and other furnishings that clash.�You don't have to buy an expensive furniture set, but keep a color scheme or basic theme in mind when looking for decor. Not all rooms have to have the same look,�a little consistency can go a long way. If you pick a timeless theme, then you can carry most of your home decor into future abodes. Check out some home improvement blogs for inspiration.�

    Pick out quality shades

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  3. Tips for modernizing an older home

    Having a home with a chic, modern decor�is important to many homeowners, but it may seem that the only way to accomplish this�is by completely remodeling an entire room. However, there are other ways to spruce up the appearance of your older house without actually having to change anything drastic. These tips will show you how different accessories can reinvigorate older spaces.

    Fresh artwork
    Prints or originals of older paintings are dignified and majestic, but may make your home seem a bit behind the curve. Instead, try using something with a more modern, graphic feel. This can be anything from large prints of brightly colored floral designs to contemporary�silhouetted artwork, as suggested by Better Homes and Gardens. Hanging these paintings in unusual spaces, such as lining the ceiling of the room or having it partially obscured by a piece of furniture�could create

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  4. Ways to incorporate natural elements into your home decor

    In modern times, it can be difficult to find decorations and furniture for your home that are close to their natural roots. Plastic and metal items can often be cheaper, but they don't have the same allure as materials that are more organic. Oftentimes,�items that evoke the natural world�can be just as effective as actually using the elements themselves, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

    This material has always been a mainstay of home decor, but it's slowly been losing ground to artificial materials like plastic. Still, there is nothing quite so dignified as a genuine piece of wood furniture, whether it be a coffee table or an overstuffed armchair. Smaller items like vases and coasters as well as larger pieces like picture frames and signage often look spectacular in wood. These items don't need to be old-fashioned either - combining classic�materials

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  5. Three tips for decorating odd-shaped windows

    When it comes to shopping for discount window treatments, you might find yourself struggling to discover curtains and blinds that suit your specific windows. Depending on the shape and size of your windows, it can be challenging to find everything from wood blinds to cellular shades. However, these window treatments are necessary to control the amount of light and privacy you have in your living spaces. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect blinds, shades and curtains for your windows.

    1. Create a uniform appearance
    If your windows are awkwardly shaped and it feels like any curtains you choose are going to look odd, think about going uniform. This means using the same window treatments throughout your living spaces to

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  6. Ways to take advantage of natural lighting

    Having a room�bathed in natural lighting is one of the most pleasant things a homeowner can enjoy. Natural light helps make your home feel more comfortable and can�energize your decor. However, it can be hard to take advantage of the changes in sunlight throughout the day and the year, especially because you only get so much. Here are a few tips for establishing�a good light balance in your home.

    1. Enhance the light
    Using brighter shades for fabrics and paints will help to amplify the natural light in your home. Try removing any overly dark items from rooms�where�you're trying to embrace the sun's natural glow. Dark-colored paintings and other wall hangings, while beautiful, may rob your home of some of its brightness, so try moving these to another room -�too much sunlight may damage these anyway! Mirrors can also help to boost the light level, sending the sun's rays deeper into your house than would otherwise be possible.�

    2. Clear the way

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  7. Combating floor and furniture discoloration from the sun

    Whether you have just moved into a new home or you've been living in the same place for years, you might want to think twice about the discount window treatments you have in your humble abode. Are they helping you effectively manage how much natural light comes into your living spaces? If not, it might be time to start thinking about new wood blinds and curtains for your rooms.

    Drapes, blinds and shades come in various colors and styles, many of which can boost the appeal of your home. However, it's critical to note the effectiveness of your window treatments over time. If they aren't helping you block out ultraviolet rays, you may be allowing the sun to negatively impact your furnishings and flooring. Over time, natural light can cause discoloration and damage in everything from vinyl

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  8. Four tips for decorating your beach house

    Now that warm weather is just around the corner, you're likely ready to prep your beach house for the upcoming season. With the right discount window treatments, furnishings and accent decor, you can transform any seaside residence into a tropical paradise. Here are some tips on how to decorate your vacation home and make it look like you brought in a professional.

    1. Stick to blues and greens
    What better way to decorate your beach home than with colors you can find right outside your door? Southern Living recommends using various blues and greens throughout your humble abode to create a tranquil feeling that goes hand in hand with the ocean.

    2. Warm it up with wood
    Not sure if you're still into the metallic

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  9. Do you know which interior design trends are hot this spring?

    Once you clean up your custom window shades, furniture and accent decor this spring, you'll likely be left with a little more room to bring in new pieces to complement your interior design. Where do you begin with so much to choose from?

    There are several trends in paint color, discount window treatments and furnishings to take advantage of this coming season. Whether you're into the idea of switching out your drapes for wood blinds or decking out your home in pink, here are some ideas to help you get started.

    Try bold colors
    Interior designer Matthew Dickamore recently told The Huffington Post that color

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  10. Three ways to make your kitchen more cozy

    There's nothing quite like coming home to a cozy kitchen and preparing a delectable meal. However, failing to bring in the proper discount window treatments and accent decor can put a damper on any interior. That being said, it's never too late to revamp your kitchen with new custom window shades, paint and detailing. Here are some tips for transforming this living space into a cozy retreat for your whole family.

    1. Let the natural light flow in
    Think about investing in kitchen blinds that allow more sunlight to flow into your kitchen on a regular basis. Natural light can instantly boost the warmth and comfort in your space, making it an area you'll want to use more often. Not to mention, sunlight can reduce your electricity bill!

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