Having a room�bathed in natural lighting is one of the most pleasant things a homeowner can enjoy. Natural light helps make your home feel more comfortable and can�energize your decor. However, it can be hard to take advantage of the changes in sunlight throughout the day and the year, especially because you only get so much. Here are a few tips for establishing�a good light balance in your home.

1. Enhance the light
Using brighter shades for fabrics and paints will help to amplify the natural light in your home. Try removing any overly dark items from rooms�where�you're trying to embrace the sun's natural glow. Dark-colored paintings and other wall hangings, while beautiful, may rob your home of some of its brightness, so try moving these to another room -�too much sunlight may damage these anyway! Mirrors can also help to boost the light level, sending the sun's rays deeper into your house than would otherwise be possible.�

2. Clear the way
We all know that light can't penetrate�solid objects, so try to open the space in front of the window as much as possible. The New York Times recommends�moving any large pieces of furniture against the wall or aligning them perpendicularly�from the window. Couches, chairs and other furniture items close to the floor are less of an issue, as the light coming from the top of the window will make it deeper�into the apartment.�

3. Windows
Using bamboo blinds or wood blinds will�bring in�the most light�and keep it out when you want to as well. As important as it is to enjoy natural lighting, there are times when you�want to shut it out entirely, so using quality blinds and shades can help. For specialty windows, consider using custom window shades or blinds to get the exact look and feel that you want for your space.�

4. New windows
One reason your home might not be getting enough sunlight is simply because there aren't enough windows. Try replacing an older, heavier door with one featuring a built-in glass window. If you have any unused wall space, you�should�consider adding a window. This can be done by a professional or you can do it yourself, as this guide from HGTV details. Some wall spaces already have windows, but you may want to�install a sliding door to maximize floor-to-ceiling lighting.�