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  1. Importance of Ordering Samples

    Have you ever bought something online and ended up not liking it when it arrives? Well, I have and that’s why I would be worried about buying something online and not seeing it first. This is especially true when you buy something that is custom made that cannot be exchanged or returned. Shopping online does not have to be a pain anymore. That’s why I think is a good idea to take advantage of the free samples that our company offers. Think about it, you will get free samples directly to your mail box without having to waste your time on going out shopping or having to wait in line to be helped. Having the option for free samples helps you have a better idea of the product because you are able to feel, see, touch the material, texture and especially see the color and pattern of the shades. On our website we have samples of each product but sometimes you cannot really see the pattern. Color can also be skewed by differences in monitor settings and limitations in scanning equipment. That’s
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  2. Slumber Shades for Saturday Morning

    Slumber Shades Saturday morning’s best friend If you are anything like me Saturday morning is the mini vacation every week promises. After five days of making breakfast, busing children to school, fighting traffic, and working-- finally Saturday! This is my day to sleep in with no pressing obligations, just sleep, but there is only one problem… the sun. The sun rises every morning at the same time to let me know time to wake up! That was until I discovered Slumber Shades! Taking blackout shades to a new level, this innovative design provides a darker more serene room allowing me to awake rested and refreshed. The PVC side track seals off the space between the shade and window created with an inside mount. Not only do these shades provide protection from light but the cell shade design help keep our home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sounds like a win win! With a range of different colors they are sure to match any home décor!

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