1. Joys of outdoor living spaces

    It is always exciting to think about buying a new home. While I was out browsing properties recently I noticed a trend. Many of the new subdivisions featured an outdoor living space. The outdoor spaces were complete with fireplaces and a covered porch—and many even had hook ups for a television. I love this expansion of living and making the most of your investment. I cannot remember the last time my family sat outside for a long period of time together. This is something that I can implement now in my house without moving, and so can you! Plus, this is a simple way to add to the overall value of my home that won't require a contractor. I can work with what I currently have (which is not much).

    Adding a chiminey solves my fireplace problem and I can have it delivered right to my door. These are great little free standing outdoor fireplaces. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors that will coordinate with anyone’s décor from something more modern to traditional.

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  2. Easy How to Measure for Outside Mount Instructions

    If you are mounting outside of a window, either directly on the framework or around the window on a wall, this will be considered an outside mount. Typically an inside mount is considered more aesthetically pleasing on windows with a window frame, which can ‘frame’ your window covering. Moreover, an inside mount will keep the covering closer to the actual window-pane which will help minimize light coming through. However, the reason’s that an outside mount may be more appropriate are as follows:

    • Your window recess does not have the depth necessary or mounting space necessary to mount a blind or shade on the inside. This is something you will want to be careful with. If you have a 3 or more inches of recess depth and flat space, you should be fine, but any less and you will want to check with the particular window covering you are considering. Anything less than a 3/4" of an inch and you will really want to be careful.
    • Your window is not framed, and is simply
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  3. How to Fix Your Blinds and Source Parts

    After owning blinds for several years, sometimes parts can break down. It can be costly to replace the blind and it may be something simple that can be fixed from home. And, over the course of time, maybe that blind or shade you purchased has been discontinued and you cannot just order a replacement. There is a very helpful site called that offers wonderful troubleshooting tips, replacement parts, and how to videos on replacing parts. There is a wide variety of information for a multitude of blinds, shades, and shutters. Another wonderful thing about this site is that you do not have to be an expert. Any novice can replace parts on a blind because they offer very helpful and detailed information in identifying the blind or shade that you have and the part that may need to be replaced. The photos are clear and the videos are simple to follow along. even offers a whole section on obsolete and hard to find parts. When you buy from

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  4. Habitat for Humanity

    For the past two years, Payless Décor has donated window treatments to Habitat for Humanity’s Atlanta Women’s Build project. The program started 15 years ago when a group of women came together and built the first home for Atlanta Women’s Build. Ever since then, these homes have been built for women, by women. Hundreds of women in hard hats, including the future homeowner, come together to help build two neighboring houses from start to finish over eight weeks. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for women-led families to work toward owning an affordable home for themselves. The families are empowered by the process and it helps improve the lives of generations to come.
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  5. Easy How to Measure for Inside Mount Instructions

    If you are choosing to put your window treatment in between two frames of a window, that is called inside mount. When you inside mount your shades or blinds, you need to be very careful in taking the correct measurements. You will not measure an existing window treatment. You need to take measurements of the window. We make a deduction off of those measurements to account for clearance of the window framework and the installation hardware. Grab a piece of paper, a pencil and a metal tape measure. You will always take down the width first and then the height. Measure the width of each window in three places (windows are often not plumb even if they look to be visually)-top, middle, and bottom. Write down all three numbers and circle the smallest number. That will become your width. Next, measure the height of the window in three places-left, middle, and right. Write all three numbers and circle the longest number. That will become your height. Now that you have the width and height f

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  6. Importance of Ordering Samples

    Have you ever bought something online and ended up not liking it when it arrives? Well, I have and that’s why I would be worried about buying something online and not seeing it first. This is especially true when you buy something that is custom made that cannot be exchanged or returned. Shopping online does not have to be a pain anymore. That’s why I think is a good idea to take advantage of the free samples that our company offers. Think about it, you will get free samples directly to your mail box without having to waste your time on going out shopping or having to wait in line to be helped. Having the option for free samples helps you have a better idea of the product because you are able to feel, see, touch the material, texture and especially see the color and pattern of the shades. On our website we have samples of each product but sometimes you cannot really see the pattern. Color can also be skewed by differences in monitor settings and limitations in scanning equipment. Tha

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  7. Slumber Shades for Saturday Morning

    Slumber Shades Saturday morning’s best friend If you are anything like me Saturday morning is the mini vacation every week promises. After five days of making breakfast, busing children to school, fighting traffic, and working-- finally Saturday! This is my day to sleep in with no pressing obligations, just sleep, but there is only one problem… the sun. The sun rises every morning at the same time to let me know time to wake up! That was until I discovered Slumber Shades! Taking blackout shades to a new level, this innovative design provides a darker more serene room allowing me to awake rested and refreshed. The PVC side track seals off the space between the shade and window created with an inside mount. Not only do these shades provide protection from light but the cell shade design help keep our home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sounds like a win win! With a range of different colors they are sure to match any home décor!

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  8. How to create an Oscar worthy dressing room for yourself

    It's Oscar season! You may not have a team of stylists, but you can create your own Oscar worthy dressing room with just a mirror, custom window treatments and some sparkle. 

    A world of your own
    To make a properly dreamy dressing room, it should be separate from the rest of the room in some way. The best area in which to install such a space is the bathroom or your bedroom. In order to divide it into your own personal wonderland, use either a screen or a billowy set of drapes. We think that 

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  9. Warm Up Your Home with Autumn Colors

    Fall is here and with it comes cooler temperatures, fun-filled family holidays and a whole new color palette to work with. As bright and cheery as summer decor was, bid those long hot days adieu with some crisp colors and autumn-inspired accessories. 

    Warmer Colors
    If you want to update a room, there's no better time to do it than fall. The kids are back to school and busy with activities and inspiration is everywhere - just look outside! The cool temperatures in autumn are offset by the barrage of oranges, deep reds and mustard yellows that you find in nature. When decorating with these toasty hues, use white or ecru blinds and shades to keep your space clean and chic. If you want to add cooler tones, use touches of

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  10. Redecorate your space with orange

    Deep oranges, burnished browns, deep golden yellows and rich reds. These colors of fall appear in all aspects of home décor during autumn months. Orange may be a secondary color, but it is an exciting one to help accentuate the standard shades with fun accents. Orange has an electric feel when bright, yet that same bright and brash tone can be mellowed out into a muted shade that's more suitable for relaxation and contemplation.

    Read on for some tips on using orange in your home decor.

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