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  1. Trend spotted: Fall whites

    Decorating with white is nothing new - a completely bleached room that still looks interesting is the ultimate symbol of design flair. But now designers are loving this trend for fall, paired with autumn staples and accent colors. Here are some tips for combining fall decor with an all-white palette.�

    Cream and white
    Mixing cream with white is an excellent way to warm up a blanche color scheme. It allows you to adhere to the general theme without sacrificing coziness. The best way to utilize these two shades�is�to just go for it. It's hard to go wrong with the combination, so feel free to decorate with no holds barred. If you are truly nervous, do the simple thing: Keep the walls white, upholster your furnishings and custom window treatments in cream, and add a few gold accents to marry the two.�

    Autumn naturals
    What says "autumn is here" better than pumpkins and fallen leaves? Lucky for us, both of these things can be used in your

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  2. Unexpected ways to freshen up your bathroom

    Got some free time on your hands for a change? Use it to improve your bathroom with one of these small, clever upgrades. It's amazing how little money and effort it takes to make your commode feel new, and�with a few small replacements and an eye for design, you too can improve the space.�

    Repurpose other rooms' gear
    If you want to make your bathroom trendy again, just repurpose some old items from different rooms. For example, Real Simple suggested painting an unused nightstand and slipping it by your tub or sink to hold various vanity items. Or use a spare wicker basket to stow restroom items in, such as toilet paper or cotton balls, depending on the size. And why not use a charming case or vintage crystal glass to display more bathroom accessories, like brushes and q-tips?�

    Add a surprising flourish�
    Nothing says brand new bathroom quite like a change in custom window treatments. Just switch out whatever style you had to completely

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  3. How to decorate a shared space for kids

    It's not unusual for siblings to share a room, whether it be for a few months or a few years. While this can be a source of tension for your little ones, many of the subsequent problems can be prevented. How? Why, with interior design, of course!�

    Separate the space
    One of the best ways to avoid the "She's touching my stuff!" argument is to simply separate the space in a way that makes sense. Your kids are more likely to get along if they're not forced to do so. And if you put in a subtle dividing line in, they will be less inclined to draw one themselves.

    Real Simple�recommended using a small pocket door to conserve space, but a cheaper alternative to that is to use custom window treatments to divide the room. It doesn't have to go all the way across the room - hang curtains between the beds so your kids feel as though they have some privacy. You should also make a concerted�effort to keep their items organized on their designated side of the room - their

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  4. Preserve the gleam: Care for your hardwood floors

    Hardwood floors are the unsung heroes of interior design. They constantly pull rooms together and are still easier to clean than a carpet. And while super scuffed up floors are a great look all their own, that may not be what you're going for. If that's the case, take some precautions to protect your floors!�

    The main thing to keep in mind when cleaning up dry messes (dust, crumbs, etc.) is that it doesn't have to be done every day. Set aside time once or twice a week to do a quick sweep of the area, keeping in mind that when accumulated, dry messes can essentially erode the wood if left unattended over time.�

    However, wet spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. They're not the end of the world, but they will definitely change the appearance of the wood if they're not taken care of quickly. Basically you don't want any liquids standing on your floor for any extended period of time.�

    After you've dusted your floors, Freshome suggested

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  5. Make your room pop with chartreuse

    Chartreuse is a bit of a mystery - it toes the line between yellow and green while somehow evoking images of sunnier days. Though the hue has experienced recent popularity in the fashion world, it has been a staple of interior design for decades, lending a cheerful disposition to many spaces. 

    Outdoor decor
    This bright pigment fits perfectly into the exterior of homes. The green undertones match outdoor foliage, and the chipper attitude it conveys makes visitors feel welcome before they even get to your front steps. Consider painting your door this lively shade if the rest of your home is white, gray or green. It's guaranteed to pop from the street - but if that's too bold for you, you can always stick to painting the trim of your home.

    For your garden, plant some chartreuse colored blooms such as 'Sweet Kate' spiderwort or hydrangeas to brighten your lawn, or put out a couple of Adirondack chairs in the pistachio color. 

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  6. Storage solutions for cramped kitchens

    So much goes on in the kitchen that working within a small space can seem impossible. Being smart about storage, however, is a great way to open up the room and reduce clutter - and it can be pretty stylish, too.

    Think vertically
    Consider installing cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling instead of leaving a gap on top, which would just collect dust anyway. You can also free up precious cabinet storage by hanging your pots and pans from a pot rack, which is always a charming look in a small space.

    Open up
    Make your kitchen feel lighter and larger by using cabinets with no doors or open shelving. This creates an airy look while still giving you the same storage capability as closed shelving. It can also help you reduce clutter and allows you to display your dishes decoratively.

    A small island or table in the center of the kitchen is a great use of space. So long as there's still enough room

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  7. Create your own canopy bed with curtain rods

    Have you ever wanted a canopy draped over your bed, but didn't want to spend the money for a custom canopy frame and fabric? You can easily create your own dream canopy bed all on your own! Canopy rods can be a bit expensive, but curtain rods do just the trick.The only materials that you will need are curtain rods, fabric or drapery and tools to attach the rods, ideally a drill screwdriver and a trusty metal ruler. 

    Finding curtain rods and fabric
    Measure the perimeter around your bed, {including} the length and the width. When choosing curtain rods, make sure that they are long enough to cover the whole area around your bed. It is much better to have longer rods that go past your bed, rather than rods that cut short before your bed.Some people use three rods and

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