Tips and tricks for apartment window treatments

Designing the windows for your apartment is not a piece of cake. You may live in your apartment for a short while or a long time, and an affordable option that is easy to install is essential. While designing the windows, there are several things to be considered and streamlining the options can be a challenging task. Below we discuss a few tips which to guide you in deciding the window treatments which you may choose to be a part of your home!  

Roman shades:

Roman shades go best with the windows that are NOT floor-to-ceiling but smaller in size. Roman shades are known to add a little bit of drama because while they can be flat or ribbed when they fall, they can add texture and dimension when raised along with a burst of color Roman shades are the best fit for windows which you don’t want to completely block and allow some light to pass through. Because they are just a small part of

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