In modern times, it can be difficult to find decorations and furniture for your home that are close to their natural roots. Plastic and metal items can often be cheaper, but they don't have the same allure as materials that are more organic. Oftentimes,�items that evoke the natural world�can be just as effective as actually using the elements themselves, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

This material has always been a mainstay of home decor, but it's slowly been losing ground to artificial materials like plastic. Still, there is nothing quite so dignified as a genuine piece of wood furniture, whether it be a coffee table or an overstuffed armchair. Smaller items like vases and coasters as well as larger pieces like picture frames and signage often look spectacular in wood. These items don't need to be old-fashioned either - combining classic�materials and new methods produces results that are exciting and fun. Using wooden�roller shades or Roman shades can also add to the natural feel of your home without breaking the bank.�

Bamboo can be used for many of the same things as wood and can contribute an exotic feel to otherwise commonplace items. In its stalk form, bamboo can be used for beautiful end tables and patio furniture, or it can be pressed into the form of salad bowls, spoons and even cabinets. Bamboo has been trending lately due to�how easily it can be cultivated�and its incredible rate of growth, notes the New York Times. This plant grows much faster than wood, so it can be harvested more often, and it's�often less expensive than wood products. Bamboo is also very malleable so it can easily be used from anything from furniture to rugs, depending on how it's treated. Being very light and portable,�bamboo blinds are also very easy to install and add a great deal of natural grace�to your home.�

Having a home full of living, breathing plants adds to theme of nature in your home and can even improve the air quality as well. Having a variety of household plants, including small, potted bushes, flowers and even bamboo stalks can instill�peace to a room. Luckily there are so many types of plants that you'll have no trouble finding one to fit any particular room's needs.�