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  1. Payless Decor offers chic, durable rugs at affordable prices

    Norcross, GA, Aug. 28, 2012 -- You know that Payless Decor is the place to go when you're looking for affordable custom blinds and shades that'll form the basis for a comfortable, well-lit home, but did you know that both indoor and outdoor rugs are also available for less? To match your discount window treatments and create the perfect interior design, consider picking up a rug or two from one of our four featured collections.

    If durability is your main concern, an ultra durable braided rug may be your best bet. These classic, gorgeous pieces not only come in colors that can fit almost any design palette, but they're stain-proof as well. Whether it's for

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  2. Tips for keeping cool without turning on the AC

    While soon enough you'll be wearing jeans, sweatshirts and light jackets during the fall, it's still pretty hot outside. But are a few more weeks of heat worth turning on the air conditioner and jacking up your energy bill? If the answer is no, you might be looking for ways to affordably keep your house cool. Don't worry - there are plenty of ways to do so!

    Keep windows covered
    If you've noticed your body, a piece of furniture or even your cat getting hot because of sunshine streaming through the windows, it's time to get those covered. Roller shades for windows are a simple choice, or you could get a bit more stylish with

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  3. How to make a small, awkwardly-shaped room feel larger

    Whether you live in a downtown apartment building, suburban house or condominium, chances are there's at least one area inside that's a little on the awkward side. Between odd dimensions, low ceilings and minimal space, there are a variety of restrictions that can make decorating and enjoying such a room rather uncomfortable. However, there are a number of home design tricks you can use to make these tiny, cramped spaces look and feel larger. If you're interested in making your interior aesthetic a little more spacious, here are some tips to keep in mind.

    Decorate with light colors
    While you might not expect it, the color scheme you use in a room can make all the difference in terms of visual space. By employing lighter colors such as white, c

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  4. Top 10 things your kid needs for freshman year of college

    The fall semester is about to begin, and if you're sending one of your kids off to college for the first time, you may be wondering what kinds of things to pack and purchase. It's probably been awhile since you were in his or her shoes, after all! To help you out, here's a list of the top 10 things your student will probably need.

    1. New bedding. While you may think it smart to have your kid bring the same sheets and comforter from home to school, this might not work. Many colleges outfit their dorms with extra-long twin beds, which means your son or daughter will need extra-long sheets.

    2. Toiletries. Your kid's going to need to pack up everything he or she needs for personal hygiene, from toothpaste to shampoo to contact lens solution. If the

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  5. Five tips for buying second hand furniture

    Whether you're looking to save money or add a bit of vintage decor to your home, buying second hand furniture is a great option. Even if you have brand new items like bamboo window shades or area rugs, used furniture can still fit right into your design plan, especially if you have a DIY streak in you and plan to refurbish the upholstery or touch up the paint job. Here are some tips to help you make good decisions when second hand shopping.

    1. Don't rely on descriptions alone. If you're shopping for used items online, you should never decide to buy a piece that doesn't have a picture included in the ad. Most people who have

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  6. Four tips for creating the ultimate media room

    If watching movies and TV shows is how you have fun and relax after a long day of work, chances are you'd like a space that provides all the essentials. A media room is a great choice for the whole family, but there are a few decorative tips to keep in mind.

    1. Eliminate messy wires. With so many plugs, cables, cords and wires connecting your electronics, you might end up with a tangled mess that ruins the look of the space. Install them behind the walls if you can, or hide them behind furniture or in storage cabinets if possible.

    2. Create optimal lighting. Nothing ruins a TV-watching session like the glare of sun on the screen. Roller shades for windows will make sure t

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  7. What are the benefits of faux wood blinds?

    If you're trying to decide on blinds and shades for your home, you may have come across the option of faux wood blinds. While they look like real wood, they can actually be made from a combination of different ingredients, some of which don't include wood at all. So what are the benefits of using faux wood blinds in your home as opposed to real wood blinds?

    First of all, faux wood blinds are just as attractive as wooden blinds, lending your home a w

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  8. Three ways to transform your sleeping experience

    Many people consider sleeping one of their favorite activities, and why not? There's nothing better than the feeling of sinking into your pillow after a long day knowing that you'll be completely at peace for the next several hours. Unless, of course, you have trouble catching those Zs. If you're a tosser or a turner, here are three ways you can improve your sleeping experience.

    1. Upgrade your window treatments. If you have blinds in place that somehow still manage to let rays of sunshine assault your eyes every morning, switching to blackout cellular shades can make all the difference, and they're

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  9. Four ways to spruce up your home's workspace

    Whether it's a homework desk for your kids, a space where you hunker down to clip coupons or a home office where you actually do work, a workspace shouldn't be solely about function. Yes, you do need certain elements - like blinds and shades that block distracting glare, a comfortable chair and a suitable writing surface - but it's important to have a few decor items that are less utilitarian. Consider these four aesthetic improvements.

    1. Paper products. From stationary to sticky notes to calendars, you can certainly bring design elements into your space with paper. Look for prints that match your color palette or patterns, then put them on display like you would a piece of art.

    2. Light fixtures. Who said you h

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  10. How to give your team a shout-out without being too loud

    Football season is approaching, and if you're more than excited to settle down in front of the TV to cheer on your favorite team, you might be interested in showing off your team spirit through your interior decor. But unless you're a 20-something dude who's cool with bar-room style, you're probably looking for something that's a bit subtler than larger-than-life team logos and bold primary colors. Here are a few ideas for how to give your team a shout-out without making guests question your tastes.

    1. Don't hold back in kids' rooms. If your son or daughter is a sports fanatic, it's okay to let that shine through, but there are still attractive ways to do it. While having a theme is a great way to make a child's bedroom look cohesive, you don't want

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