Whether it's a homework desk for your kids, a space where you hunker down to clip coupons or a home office where you actually do work, a workspace shouldn't be solely about function. Yes, you do need certain elements - like blinds and shades that block distracting glare, a comfortable chair and a suitable writing surface - but it's important to have a few decor items that are less utilitarian. Consider these four aesthetic improvements.

1. Paper products. From stationary to sticky notes to calendars, you can certainly bring design elements into your space with paper. Look for prints that match your color palette or patterns, then put them on display like you would a piece of art.

2. Light fixtures. Who said you have to suffer with boring overhead lights or a tiny desk lamp? Get creative with your light fixtures and look for finishes or colors that add flair to the room. A chandelier or a lamp that you could find in a living room are both possibilities.

3. Chalkboard paint. This stuff's been trending lately, and it's not hard to see why. With a portion of a wall (or the entire thing if you're really going for it) covered, you'll be able to jot down important messages or just have fun doodling. It's easy to make your own chalkboard paint, too.

4. Something unexpected. Here's where you can really let your imagination run wild. Try bringing a piece of furniture or decor in that wouldn't normally be associated with a home workspace, like maybe a hammock or a sleek mini-fridge. Pieces like these can add intrigue to your design while providing you with convenience.