The bathroom is often a place where homeowners go to relax, whether in a shower or a bath. As such, soothing design schemes and tranquil colors are often used to help promote rest. What better way to achieve the Zen feeling than with Asian-style decor? If you're not sure what kind of appearance you should be going for, here are some tips to guide you.

1. Use neutral colors. Shades that you would find in nature are ideal for Asian-style bathrooms, so opt for hues like brown, beige, gray and white.

2. Bring in dark wood. A dark wood vanity and maybe even a shoji screen would help to make the room look authentic. Faux wood blinds with a darker, textured color or bamboo roman shades could also add to the effect.

3. Set up a few plants. Choose to include orchids or ornamental grasses into your bathroom's design. These will not only look lovely, but will keep the air fresh.

4. Keep it asymmetrical. Asian decor typically features asymmetrical elements that work to balance each other, so keep this in mind as you're bringing in accent pieces.