If you're not looking forward to summer's end and are longing for more days spent at the beach, you might benefit from classic coastal style this upcoming season. The cool hues and sea-worthy decorations can instantly transport you to a better, beachier place. Here are the main elements to include in your design plan.

Blue and white
These colors should be the focal points of your palette, as they're reminiscent of nautical themes. Everything from your window treatments to sofa sets should involve these shades, but bits of red, brown or beige can be added for a little pop.

Wooden decor
Wooden materials evoke a certain ship-like vibe that fits perfectly in a classic coastal room. Consider updating your windows with wood blinds or faux wood blinds and using plenty of wooden furniture. Whether you choose dark or light finishes is up to you.

Striped fabrics
Stripes are almost as crisp and clear as the ocean itself, so they're obviously perfect for a nautical-themed space. When you stick to blue and white stripes, you're really nailing it!