Whether it's your best friend from college, your in-laws or your teenage daughter's bestie, guests might be somewhat regular additions to your household. While great food spreads, a comfy living room and a cozy bed are all wonderful things to provide your visitors with, the one thing they might appreciate most is a guest bathroom. But what do you put in it for their convenience? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Towels galore. There's nothing worse than taking a shower in someone else's house only to realize that you forgot to ask for a towel. Avoid any awkward situations by stocking your guest bathroom with plenty of towels. The more luxurious-feeling they are, the better. Keep in mind that some people like to use two towels - one for the body and one for the hair.

2. Roller shades for windows. Imagine walking into a bathroom to discover that the windows are completely bare, exposing your private activities to the whole outside world. No one likes this, so don't make your guests deal with it. There are plenty of stylish roller shades that will solve the problem.

3. Bathmats. These are especially important if you have older parents or grandparents who visit on a regular basis. Slippery tiles in the bathroom are often responsible for serious falls. By placing bathmats by the shower and sink, you can greatly reduce the risk of an accident. Plus, they'll add to the decor of the space!

4. A visible trash bin. For whatever reason, guests often have trouble finding things in other people's houses. Sometimes it's because they're afraid to look hard in case you ever walk in on them (they wont want you to think they're snooping), while other times its just because they're unfamiliar with the area. Put out a trash can in plain sight - don't place it under the vanity or in a linen closet unless you want to answer the question, "Where's the trash?"

5. Extra toiletries. Some people are better at packing suitcases than others, but that doesn't mean there's no chance that someone will forget something. It's helpful to keep the guest bathroom stocked with things that might be useful, like toothpaste, a new toothbrush, shampoo, soap, deodorant and mouthwash. You don't have to go crazy with this stuff - travel sizes will do.