Even if you don't live beachside, consider adding a nautical theme to your living space to establish a refreshing atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the open seas. With a few of these helpful tips you'll be feeling the ocean breeze in no time.

Nautical-ize Your Furniture

Most of your furniture and appliances can be remodeled in order to make seem fit for the sea. HGTV suggests wrapping hemp twine around your lamp with some super glue in order to infuse your lighting with a nautical feel. You may also want to add beach-themed throw pillows to your couch that have images of starfish and old wooden vessels embroidered on them.

Decorations From a Ship

You can adorn your walls with great accent pieces that look as though they were taken from a ship. You should check your local antique shops or look online to find old steering wheels that were used to control the rudder. You may want to sand them down and apply a fresh coat of varnish to give them that refined and antiquated feel. These will perfectly match bamboo window shades.

No nautical theme is complete without anchors. You may be able to acquire an old metallic anchor that will look great leaning on your hearth or take up space in a vacant corner. You can get a wallpaper border that has images of anchors as well.


Seashells are visually appealing and inexpensive - just wait for your next trip to the beach! A good way to display your shells is to put them in a decorative dish that is filled with sand. You can also create a shell collage by gluing them onto a piece of canvas and hanging it on your wall.