You might be used to looking at cellular shades and blinds throughout your home, but have you thought of the many ways that curtains can potentially spruce up your living spaces? In addition to using these discount window treatments, you can add curtains to create a sense of elegance in your home.

Furthermore, curtains aren't just for windows these days. Interior designers have found new ways to use them throughout the home to complement existing decor. Whether you're familiar with this concept or you want to learn more about how to utilize curtains throughout your house, here are some tips to get you started.

Look for a durable fabric
Regardless of how you want to use your curtains, Elle Decor reports that it's important to pay attention to the material that the window treatment is made of to make the most of it. This means looking for heavier curtains with thick thread counts to ensure you don't have to worry about tears or holes. More opacity can also help you create a dramatic, elegant look in your living space.

Know what you want in your curtains
In addition to gauging the material used to create the curtains, think about your overall goals for your rooms. Do you want the curtains to help maintain sunlight in the space? Are you simply using them for decorative purposes? The fabric you choose will depend on your objectives.
As you design your home, keep in mind that the sky's the limit. Even if you think you can't find curtains in a certain color or pattern, don't sell yourself short - it's possible to have custom window treatments created to seamlessly fit into your design plans.

Spruce up your shelving reports that it's possible to spruce up your bookshelves with curtains, which will give them a new look. If you haven't thought to try this tactic before, try draping some of these window treatments over open shelving to create a unique appearance. Homeowners who're worried about exposing decorative items and books on shelves to excessive sunlight can also benefit from using curtains.

Whether you want to use curtains for practical or decorative purposes, there's no reason why you can't get started today. The right window treatments can do wonders for your home and make you look like an interior design professional.