How many times have you had the itch to incorporate more vintage pieces into your home? If you've had the same discount window treatments, furnishings and wall decor for years, they might simply look outdated - not vintage. However, with a few of these tips, you can give your home more character and make it feel like it's from another area.

Whether you're into the idea of complementing your wood blinds with lavish velvet drapes or bringing in a lounge chair that looks like it's from the 18th century, there are a couple of tactics you can use to achieve your interior design goals.

Fall in love with patterns
Vintage pieces are all about fine details and intricate designs that catch the eye. For example, when shopping for curtains, look for ones with patterns that create a sense of elegance and intrigue in the space. As you search for wallpaper, choose a variety that has eye-catching details such as flowers or swirls. By taking this tip into account, you can make sure your spaces are on the right path toward obtaining a vintage look.

Seek fine details
Drapes with tassels or chairs with embroidery are all what vintage style is about, according to Interiorholic. Fine details can go a long way as you look to achieve this type of appearance in your home. Before you begin to concern yourself with how you're going to wash lace or items with beading sewn into them, think about how these fine details can help you fulfill your design goals. Once you see the overall benefit, you'll become more comfortable with using them throughout your space.

Turn the ordinary into extraordinary
As Woman's Day magazine reports, even the simplest old photograph or vase can be transformed into a vintage piece worth showing off if you know how to display it. Think about dedicating certain areas in your home for vintage items - give them spots where they can truly shine. By keeping collections together and sprucing them up with additives such as new frames, you can do wonders for your living spaces.

Whether you're already familiar with vintage interior design concepts or you're starting fresh, these tips can help you get off on the right foot. In the end, you'll have a home with more style and character than you could have ever imagined.