When was the last time you remodeled your kitchen and gave it the TLC it deserves? If it's been quite some time since you've replaced the discount window treatments, cabinetry and fixtures in the space, there's no better time than 2013 to get started on renovating the space.

New trends in interior design are making it easier for homeowners to update their kitchens and turn them into the cooking spaces of their dreams. Whether you want to update your decor this weekend or in the coming months, here are some of the hottest decorating trends and tips you can use as you revamp your kitchen.

Choose functional window treatments
The right kitchen blinds or curtains can make all of the difference in your space. Opting for types that allow more natural light to flow into the area can easily brighten your kitchen and turn it into a more welcoming room. Keep this in mind as you redesign the space - more sunlight can highlight the beautiful changes you've made to the kitchen.

Allow practicality to reign supreme
SheKnows.com reported that this season is all about practicality in the kitchen. This means selecting appliances, cabinetry and fixtures that are not only appealing, but helpful in the space. Make this a priority as you shop for new items for the space. In the end, you'll be happier with the end result when you aren't stressing over how to whip up a home-cooked meal.

Try to hide your appliances
As challenging as it may sound, more homeowners are trying to keep their appliances out of view in order to boost the appeal of their kitchens, according to Cultivate.com. These days, purchasing� appliances that are designed to fit within cabinets and drawers is easy and can help save more space in the kitchen. Consider these options to fall in line with one of the hottest design trends of 2013.

Select light cabinetry
In addition to using easy-to-open window treatments in your kitchen to welcome in natural light, install cabinetry in bright hues to make the space feel wider. Neutrals are all the rage when it comes to cabinet colors these days, so don't feel obligated to opt for standard wood such as oak.

By taking these design tips into account, you can ensure your kitchen is up to date and ready for all of the entertaining you'll do in 201