If you have trouble getting to sleep on a regular basis, have you thought about the aesthetics of your bedroom? Depending on the design of your master bedroom, you might be making it more difficult to sleep in this living space than you think. Without the right pleated shades, linens and lighting fixtures, you may have an environment that doesn't cater to resting. Here are some tips on how to make your bedroom more sleep-friendly.

1. Find the right window treatments.

While it might seem like you're going overboard if you put up blackout shades, the efficiency of your window treatments plays a large role in how well you sleep on a nightly basis. Health.com notes that darkness can encourage the natural development of melatonin in the body, which sends you into sleep mode.

To keep out light while you're trying to get some rest, consider roman shades. Not only will they block out light that might be keeping you awake, but they can easily be raised during the day to allow sunlight to flow into your space when you want it.

2. Keep your room cool.

It's no secret that it's more difficult to sleep when you're feeling warm and uncomfortable. Because your body temperature naturally drops when you drift into a deep sleep, consider hopping into bed with the thermostat turned down to help you reach this point. Not only will you be more cozy cuddled up into your blankets, but you won't have to worry about messing with the thermostat to get comfortable in the middle of the night.

3. Make your master bedroom a sanctuary.

When you walk into your master bedroom, you should immediately feel relaxed. This living space is where you'll be spending an ample amount of time, meaning it deserves attention when it comes to decorating.

To make your bedroom more desirable for relaxation and sleep, bring in items that make you feel cozy. A throw blanket and several oversized pillows on your bed can make you want to dive right in. Consider buying a few candles to light the room when you don't want to rely on your lamp for brightness. Finally, don't rule out the possibility of buying a new mattress. In the end, this might be the big solution to all of your sleeping problems and any back pain you may be having.