When it comes to your kitchen, you may think you have it all as far as the design scheme's concerned. You've purchased all the best appliances for making meals, chosen the perfect tableware for serving them on and designed super-efficient cabinet setups for storing all those ingredients. But if your windows aren't outfitted with proper, stylish window treatments, you're not done with your kitchen design just yet! Here are a few tips for effectively sprucing up those windows in your space.

Don't be too elaborate
The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms of any house, and while there's still plenty of room to add decoration, there's no need to go overboard. Can you imagine walking into someone's kitchen to find billowing floor-length curtains or fussy valances? It just doesn't fit! Start by choosing custom window shades that are clean, simple and neat, then add tidy accents like toppers.

Take advantage of natural light
You'll need plenty of natural light to work in the kitchen, which means you should keep your window treatments to a minimum. According to HGTV, pleated shades are wonderful options because they allow plenty of privacy while still letting in that cheerful sunlight.

Embrace lots of texture
If your kitchen is mainly made up of smooth, shiny surfaces (like the countertops, cabinets, appliances and fixtures), a little texture can do you good. Try using natural materials to roughen up the look, whether it's a pair of chic, eco-friendly burlap curtains or bamboo blinds. This keeps the dynamic of the room exciting.

Choose trendy tones
The kitchen is a great place to show off your contemporary tastes, so don't be afraid to use the latest colors for your window treatments. Neutrals are always big hits, but jewel tones, earthy shades and blue color palettes are also good options. Check out Pantone's site to see what colors are popular now.

Add rounded elements
When your blinds and shades are in place, consider layering them with window treatments that have rounded edges. After all, nearly everything in your kitchen is likely full of straight lines, like the fridge, cabinets and grout lines if you have tile. Curves can keep the room from feeling too one-dimensional and they'll strike a pleasing balance.