When it comes to decorating a toddler's bedroom, you might find yourself at a loss as to how to convert your nursery into a space for a budding child. You're likely going to want to swap out the crib for a bed at some point and bring in more functional furniture for your growing toddler - but how do you encompass all of these aspects in one design? Here are a few tips on how to decorate your child's bedroom and ensure it doesn't become outdated in a short amount of time.

1. Ignore the trends.

HGTV states that it's important to avoid any trends you see in interior design magazines about what does and doesn't work in a kid's bedroom. While it might look brilliant to you now, you may find yourself regretting putting up a themed border or painting your walls hot pink sooner than you think.

Furthermore, taking advantage of trends also increases the risk of the room becoming dated and stale quicker than you'd like. Stay simple in your color and pattern choices, and ignore the hype.

2. Consider your child's taste.

As your baby becomes a toddler, he or she will start to exhibit tastes in everything from Disney characters to colors, some of which you may want to take into consideration while decorating. That being said, be mindful of which interests are likely to fade as your toddler grows older - the fairy princess she loves today might not be appealing to her in a few months. Unless you're willing to put forth the cash to make decorative changes in the near future, being cautious about incorporating your child's tastes is necessary.

3. Make the room ideal for sleeping.

Most parents will tell you it's difficult to get their toddlers to take naps and get some shut eye for the evening. However, ensuring the bedroom caters to sleep can play a big role in how easy or difficult it is to put your child down. Consider cordless shades as a safe solution for keeping sunlight out of the bedroom during naptime. No cords means there'sno chance of your child accidentally becoming entangled.

If you're interested in a more traditional window treatment or natural look throughout the room, opt for wood blinds to keep out the light and create a timeless interior design. If you do choose this option, be sure to use a cord cleat so that the cords are not accessible by those tiny hands.