When it comes to creating an attractive design scheme in your home, there are numerous ways you can arrange your furniture, lighting fixtures, decor accents and color schemes to lend visual interest to the space. However, even the most well-decorated home can seem a little sterile without the influence of Mother Nature. If you're looking to incorporate a few natural aspects into your interior aesthetic, consider some of these benefits of decorating with houseplants.

Clean the air
Whether it's the middle of winter or the hottest day of summer, the air trapped within your home can quickly become stale and polluted with dust, allergens and other airborne irritants. However, there are many basic houseplants that can function as natural air filters to help improve the air quality indoors. In particular, ferns, aloe vera and devil's ivy will help you breathe deep at any time of year.

Splash of color
While it's great to have floral patterns with bright hues in your interior design, going with the real thing can help you round out the overall attractiveness of your decor. A strategically placed vase of roses or potted cactus can instantly add a much-needed splash of color and interest to your design. Lindsay of LivingWithLindsay.com also suggests using an old bed frame as a DIY means of hanging plants in a creative fashion.

Everyone loves coming home to a house filled with sweet smells, and decorating with plants and flowers is one of the best ways to go about doing that. This is especially helpful on those super-hot summer days when it's undesirable to let in some fresh air. By simply making sure you place your specimens near a window with custom window shades that let in plenty of bright sunlight, your house will be smelling sweet throughout the year.