Effectively illuminating a space requires a bit more finesse than just a lamp here and an overhead light there - especially in the kitchen. Without the proper light fixtures and placement, you'll have a harder time accomplishing everything that needs to get done, from prepping meals to cleaning to chatting with friends. Here's how you can master lighting design in your kitchen.

You'll need a mix of task, accent and general lighting, according to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Natural illumination falls under the general category, and the right kitchen blinds can ensure that plenty of light is let in during the day. Sheer fabrics or bamboo blinds are your best bet for achieving the most light.

In addition, you'll need task lighting to help you see specific areas of the kitchen, from the sink to the stove to the countertops. Overhead fixtures or under-cabinet lighting in these areas will do the trick. As for accent lighting, this could take shape in the form of a decorative chandelier over the table or recessed lighting that draws attention to your cabinetry.

While the appearance and brightness of the lights are important, it's their functions that are paramount in a kitchen.