After you've chosen the perfect discount blinds and curtains for your windows, you'll need to figure out if you want to tie back your curtains. Doing so can ensure that those stylish bamboo blinds are shown off and that the view outdoors is always visible, so why wouldn't you want to? Here are a few creative ideas that'll help spruce up your ties.

1. Customize regular hardware. Martha Stewart Living suggests buying plain curtain tie hardware, then dressing it up however you see fit by hot-gluing on items you may already have, like coasters, buttons, artificial flower rosettes or whatever else you think would look nice with your theme.

2. Use creative fabrics. Anything that can be tied or buckled would work to hold back your curtains, so don't shy away from things like scarves, neckties, ropes, ribbons or even belts. These can add unexpected pops of texture and color to your existing decor.

3. Jewelry. A necklace or bracelet made of colorful, luxurious-looking beads can add elegance to your window treatments. Match them all or experiment with a few different pieces for an eclectic vibe that'll add some excitement to your interior design.

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