Houseplants are one of the best indoor accessories - not only do they add decoration to a room, but they improve the air quality and pump out oxygen for us to breathe. They come in all sorts of varieties and colors as well, so you can usually find plants that match your decor. There are even some types that are practically kill-proof for those of us who don't have green thumbs.

But how can you make sure that your houseplants are getting the right amount of light? First, you should research the plants you already have to find out what amount of light is required. If you're still looking for plants, choose ones that would thrive in the areas where you're thinking of placing them.

Plants that need a lot of light should be placed right next to a window that receives a lot of sun throughout the day. Plants that require moderate amounts can go near windows, but you may need blinds and shades to control the amount of light that hits them. Bamboo blinds would look right at home among the greenery. Then there are plants that don't require much light - like those you would put in terrariums you can make at home. These can be placed nearly anywhere indoors.