In the chaos of everyday life, having a calm space to relax is a must, and when it comes to uncluttered and sleek, modern design is the way to go. Modern decor features clean lines and creates a comfortable atmosphere: the�perfect sanctuary for busy people. Here are some tips for decorating a modern bedroom.

Choose your palette�
​The�Freshome blog�notes that this style of design tends to place a bright color as an accent against mostly neutral hues. When choosing a palette, take into account the furnishings that you're planning�to use. For example, if you have a dresser that's painted an antique white, consider using that shade as your main wall color and painting a blue accent wall. The neatness of modern furniture allows you to play with pigment without risk of busyness.�

Use natural materials
Another common feature of modern decor is the use of natural materials - hardwood floors, wood blinds and the use of plants as decoration are all frequently aspects of the theme. Painting with colors found in nature can lead to a serene environment and add consistency if you choose to use natural materials. The abstract designs that occur in nature can also be seen in motifs and patterns in modern homes - like a wall decal that appears to imitate a cluster of tree​�branches.

Find a focal point
A modern room typically features many beautiful pieces of furniture, but the sleek nature of the design trend usually means that there is a clear focus in the room. In a bedroom, it could easily be a bold pattern or color on the comforter or headboard, but an underused part of the room is often the window. You can draw more focus to your view with dark colored wood blinds - the contrast between the slats and the light create a clear point of interest with heavy texture while still utilizing clean lines.

To keep your room clutter- and stress-free, storage is vital. Try to keep your surfaces relatively free of items by using plenty of storage tools. A wooden chest at the foot of the bed could add to the natural feel of the room while providing a space to put spare sheets or clothing, while organizational canvas boxes in your closet and under the bed continue the clean lines while preventing messiness.�