Having a homey guest room is essential if you want to entertain friends and family who must travel to get to your home. It's easier than your company try to find a reservation and foot the bill at a hotel, and better than trying to make overnight guests comfortable on a pull-out couch, air mattress or improvised bedding situation.�

The furniture
While you want your friends and family�to be comfortable, remember that your guest room likely won't be used as much as other rooms and that your overnighters will often be grateful for any complementary sleeping arrangement, so you don't need to splurge too much. Consider using furniture that's more of a standard quality, not anything that's too luxurious. House Beautiful magazine suggests using nightstands that don't require coasters and other amenities to make your guests feel at ease. You don't want the people who are staying at your house to feel like they should worry about where they put a glass of water - you want them to be comfortable!

It's a good idea to have some amount of storage available in your guest room, both for extended stays and situations in which something needs to be hung, like a suit or dress before a wedding. Include a mirror for your guests to use as well.

The look
You'll want your company to be able to sleep well and rise at their preferred time, so be sure to use blinds and shades that allow for both preferences. Bamboo blinds or celluloid shades�used in conjunction with curtains can allow your guests to adjust the amount of light they get in the morning. Using discount window treatments can also help you save some money on furnishings while still being chic.�

As far as colors and decor go, try to stick with styles that everybody will enjoy. The guest room may not be the best place to experiment with cutting-edge patterns and colors - instead, try sticking to comfortable, homey colors like pale blues and yellows. Using a palette of soft colors will help your guests relax, notes Southern Living, and this will help keep you company�more comfortable and stress-free�if they're busy during their visit.

Most of all, keep it simple when it comes to the guest room. An inviting bed is probably the most important part of the guest room. After all, your guests will likely be spending most of their time with you and not cooped up in their room.