As an�often neglected part of your home, the level of design that your bathroom�sports can be the telling point of how well your�home is decorated. Standard powder room styles are easy to pull off - just add matching tiles, towels and a mirror. To create a unique bathroom, you don't have to buy expensive appliances like a shower that doubles as a sauna. Just choose a quirky feature and decorate around it. Read more to get some ideas on how to make your restroom stand out.�

Wall decor
Bathroom walls are usually plain,�and hanging an artistic poster doesn't make much difference. HGTV recommends using items from thrift stores and flea markets to adorn your commode. A small dresser's drawers, when removed, can be secured to a wall to create shelves, and add even more visual appeal when the inside bottoms of the drawers are decorated with paint or photographs. The same technique can be used with antique mirrors - hanging a few above your sink serves a purpose while also contributing to the decor.

Bright colored bathrooms risk being reminiscent of a teen's restroom, but with grown-up tiling and accessories (and without the furry bathmat), hot pink walls can be an inexpensive way of adding interest to the room. Offset the blazing blush with hardwood floors and tiles that complement. Another way to add color is to truly go all out - like with a royal blue. Carry the hue through towels, paint and the shower curtain: It takes commitment, but the bold look pays off.

Noticeable accessories are a great way to make your bathroom stand out - like sophisticated looking roman shades, chandeliers or a floating sink. The best way to design a powder room away from the norm is to strive to do what others are not.�