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  1. How to decorate a bohemian sunroom

    A sunroom is a great addition to any home - it's the perfect place to relax and can be a good space for parties. Traditionally, sunrooms are built into the side of a house, but they are essentially any room that gets a lot of sun. There are lots of themes you can explore to decorate your sunny spot: classic, beach-themed and contemporary. But by utilizing elements from Bohemia, you can turn the room into a paradise, totally separate from your day-to-day life. 

    Bohemian style decor often utilizes a lot of fabrics, like throws, carpets and floor-to-ceiling drapes. Buy discount window treatments in deep colors and keep them half closed during the day to get the right amount of sunshine. By taking

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  2. Tips for decorating your teen's room

    Teenagers can be tricky to plan for and they often tend to like things their way. However, with a little compromise, you can still get what's best for both you and them.

    Reflecting and fostering maturity
    It's a good idea to make your teen's room�feel more mature than it was when he or she was a child. With more and more teenagers tuning�to home improvement and decoration shows for inspiration, you might be able to co-create a stylish new look for your teen's room, notes This means letting your teen make a lot of the choices about what color walls and decorations he or she will have��(though you, of course, have the final say). While pink and yellow may be great for a little girl's bedro

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  3. Give your bedroom a personal touch

    Your bedroom should reflect you and your interests. Whether you're decorating a new home or looking to update your personal space, it's not easy to achieve a look that is "you" while still maintaining function and beauty. When trying to make a room your own, it's tempting to clutter surfaces with memorabilia. On the other hand, making your room look like it came out of a design magazine can cause it to lose originality. Here are some tips on how to find a balance.

    Find inspiration
    Working from a magazine or blog can be helpful in terms of keeping a theme and creating a room with features that have been approved by an interior decorator. But by copying everything to a "T", you lose originality. Find a few examples of rooms that you like from friend's houses, magazines, books or

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  4. Using Feng Shui to maximize your home's energy

    Feng Shui is the art of maximizing the energy flow in your home. It originated in China, where energy is referred to as chi. Getting a good energy or chi balance in your home can help to de-stress any room and promote positive feelings. Many people in both the Eastern and Western worlds embrace Feng Shui's simple guidelines to improve their home decor.

    Beneficial energy flow is central to the Feng Shui approach, notes India Times. The flow of energy goes from the front door all the way through your home, so it's best not to have any objects in the way. All furniture should be arranged so that you are still able to pass through a

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  5. Keeping a library at home

    Books are the ultimate form of decoration for any avid reader. Full libraries and singular bookshelves alike can bring a�sophisticated feel to your home. But even if you don't have any rare tomes, you should be aware of how to store your collection - and then how to decorate around it.�

    Keep out unnecessary light
    Just as ultraviolet rays can cause paint to fade, it can damage books�inside and out too! If they are frequently exposed to direct sunlight, your books -�both old and new -�will lose the color in their covers, start to yellow at the pages, and eventually start to crack along the binding. Purchase�custom window shades that will cover all areas of the window to ensure that no light gets in when the room isn't in use.

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  6. Give your kitchen a stylish update

    Your kitchen might be a constant flurry of activity, but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish in addition to being functional. With some patience and creativity, you can give the food hub of your house a makeover using these simple tricks.�

    In the kitchen, cabinets often cover most of the walls, so updating your kitchen storage will do a lot in terms of transforming the room. One way of modernizing your kitchen is to remove�the cabinet doors. Open shelving is a popular trend in kitchen decor, and it's an easy look�to achieve. Decor blog�The Inspired Room suggests grouping similar items together - for instance, bowls with bowls or plates with plates -�to keep things organize

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  7. Tips for keeping your interior paint from fading

    It�probably�seems like only yesterday that you agonized over choosing the perfect color for your walls. Now that you've taken the time to paint, you can relax and put the rollers and tarp out of mind. But in just a short time, your walls may begin to loose their luster. Here's why.

    If the space on the wall behind a wall fixture�is darker than the rest of the room, then chances are your paint has fallen victim to UV rays. Just as sunlight can damage your skin, it can also fade the pigment in a room that gets a lot of sun. Because areas of the wall that aren't exposed to sunlight will remain the original color, this�can create noticeable differences in the shade of your paint. There's no way to remedy it, aside from repainting, so save time by getting proper window treatments.

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  8. Tips for using bright colors in your home

    Using a bright color as an accent�can totally revitalize a room. Having a splash of vividness in a throw pillow or a piece of art can be enough to tie a room together but it may be tough to figure out exactly where that vivacious�color should be. These suggestions may help you�narrow down where and how much of a bright tone you should use.�

    The colors
    Shades that were popular during the 60s and 70s are now coming back into the center stage. Using bright shades of yellow, lime green and blue to add life to certain rooms is�a trend that we will see more of in 2013. Since emerald green is Pantone's�color of 2013, we can expect that greens of all hues�will be popular in�everything from furniture to

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  9. Do you know what's trending in window treatments?

    Having plain old window treatments can give an entire room a drab and unexciting feeling, but if you're looking for new curtains, blinds and shades, it's good to know what's trending.

    Natural elements
    Anything that evokes a natural tone or is made from natural materials is all the rage when it comes to window treatments, according to HGTV. Bamboo blinds, wood blinds and curtains with shades of greens and browns are just a few

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