A sunroom is a great addition to any home - it's the perfect place to relax and can be a good space for parties. Traditionally, sunrooms are built into the side of a house, but they are essentially any room that gets a lot of sun. There are lots of themes you can explore to decorate your sunny spot: classic, beach-themed and contemporary. But by utilizing elements from Bohemia, you can turn the room into a paradise, totally separate from your day-to-day life. 

Bohemian style decor often utilizes a lot of fabrics, like throws, carpets and floor-to-ceiling drapes. Buy discount window treatments in deep colors and keep them half closed during the day to get the right amount of sunshine. By taking an eclectic bunch of patterned blankets and draping them over the furniture, you can project luxury and add comfort for you and your guests. When it comes to carpets, look for one that is patterned and doesn't necessarily cover the whole floor. If you angle the carpet in such a way that it's not laid out parallel to the walls, it will help your sunroom to feel more like a tent in paradise than a room.

To create a utopia in your home, you'll need to select colors carefully. A lot of your color scheme should be based on your own tastes, but when going for a Bohemian look, there's a lot of leeway. This is because the traditional Bohemian style incorporates a lot of colors and patterns. The easiest thing to do is to keep the walls simple with an off-white or light orange, and use colors in the fabrics. If you're looking for a more dramatic effect, paint the walls deep red and choose textiles in similar reds and purples. But you don't have to go all-out - you can keep everything neutral and highlight one element with a bright color, like yellow. 

Natural elements
Another feature that a sunroom might have is natural elements. One way to incorporate this is by using bamboo shades as a window treatment rather than drapes. You can get the look of drapes by hanging fabric from the ceiling and using a cloth separator instead of a door. Bamboo shades truly provide a outdoorsy, Bohemian feel, and will let the perfect amount of light into your sunroom. The natural element can also be achieved with lush hanging plants and ferns throughout the room. Line up cacti along windowsills and group them on tables to get a desert look. You can also incorporate wooden materials by decorating with wicker furniture - but not your mother's wicker. Look for uniquely shaped chairs, such as the hanging egg chairs that have become so popular. 

A sunroom's main source of light should, of course, be the sun. There are a lot of fun ways to get a small amount of light during dusk for a dimly-lit gathering. You may be hesitant to decorate using string lights, but the right kind can transform a room into an indoor bazaar. Look for lights with round bulbs rather than the pointed ones you typically see on a Christmas tree. There are also bulbs that are encased in small stars, which can bring a truly unique look in your sunroom. Another way to get a small amount of lighting is with hurricane lamps, both hung from the ceiling and on surfaces. The barrier in front of the flame is especially useful in a room that uses a lot of fabrics.