Your kitchen might be a constant flurry of activity, but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish in addition to being functional. With some patience and creativity, you can give the food hub of your house a makeover using these simple tricks.�

In the kitchen, cabinets often cover most of the walls, so updating your kitchen storage will do a lot in terms of transforming the room. One way of modernizing your kitchen is to remove�the cabinet doors. Open shelving is a popular trend in kitchen decor, and it's an easy look�to achieve. Decor blog�The Inspired Room suggests grouping similar items together - for instance, bowls with bowls or plates with plates -�to keep things organized. This style is especially good for those who have china they'd like to display. Dishes on open shelves can also serve as a jumping off point for redecorating the rest of the kitchen if you're fond of their pattern or color.�

The kitchen is subject to many different kinds of activities, from entertaining to�crafting to�eating�to cooking. With this range, you need an easy way to change the atmosphere. Your kitchen should have as much natural lighting as possible, but you don't want it to blind you while you're chopping carrots, either. To achieve this, use a cellular shade on every window in the room and adjust them throughout the day. Install dimmer switches to find the right lighting when the sun goes down, and keep candles in safe places around the kitchen to light for entertaining and special occasions.�

Another simple
way of transforming your kitchen is by re-painting or re-staining a surface. Wooden islands, tables or chairs are easily scratched and damaged. Sometimes this�creates�a lived-in feel and other times it makes decor�look messy. To clean it up, stain the surface a shade or two darker. You can also paint wooden furniture either with spray or acrylic paint to cover up stains.�

Functional decorations
As one of the more functioning rooms in the house, the kitchen is home to a lot of tools, and those tools can double as decoration. Brightly colored blenders and toasters might act as accents in a neutral kitchen, while a framed chalkboard works as wall art you can write your grocery list on. The things you need in your kitchen can also be things you want if you seek out attractive whisks, timers, pots and pans.�