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  1. Utilizing vintage decor throughout your home

    How many times have you had the itch to incorporate more vintage pieces into your home? If you've had the same discount window treatments, furnishings and wall decor for years, they might simply look outdated - not vintage. However, with a few of these tips, you can give your home more character and make it feel like it's from another area.

    Whether you're into the idea of complementing your wood blinds with lavish velvet drapes or bringing in a lounge chair that looks like it's from the 18th century, there are a couple of tactics you can use to achieve your interior design goals.

    Fall in love with patterns
    Vintage pieces are

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  2. Revamping your kitchen with 2013 design trends

    When was the last time you remodeled your kitchen and gave it the TLC it deserves? If it's been quite some time since you've replaced the discount window treatments, cabinetry and fixtures in the space, there's no better time than 2013 to get started on renovating the space.

    New trends in interior design are making it easier for homeowners to update their kitchens and turn them into the cooking spaces of their dreams. Whether you want to update your decor this weekend or in the coming months, here are some of the hottest decorating trends and tips you can use as you revamp your kitchen.

    Choose functional window treatments
    The right

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  3. Three tips for increasing window safety for kids in a new home

    While you might already have your home childproofed for your toddler, you may need to do it all over again if you decide to move. Depending on the new home and the existing discount window treatments, you might have to install a few safety measures to ensure your little one doesn't get in harm's way.

    But how to do you begin this process? In the middle of moving and unpacking, your blinds and shades may be the least of your concerns. However, childproofing them sooner rather than later can give you peace of mind as your kids explore their new home. Here are some tips for taking care of any underlying issues in a fresh environment.

    1. St

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  4. Design tips to use as you redecorate for spring

    If you're already thinking about replacing your discount window treatments, furnishings and wallpaper in the spring, why not get your project started early by examining hot interior design trends? By familiarizing yourself with what trends are in and those that are out, you can make the decorating process easier once the snow melts and you look to freshen up your home.

    Texture and sparkle will be in high demand once spring arrives, according to the Sioux City Journal. As you shop for wood blinds, linens and throw pillows, try to keep these trends in mind. Items that include textures and glossy finishes are a must-have in the coming months

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