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  1. Easy ways to add seasonal flair to your home

    You can give your home a festive touch by selecting decor according to the shifting seasons and holidays. This will lend your living space an evolving style that demonstrates your dynamic decorative abilities.


    Seasonable decor isn't limited to the sense of sight. HGTV suggests tapping into the sense of smell as well. For example, during the Christmas season, you can bring in some fresh pine needles and place them in a glass bowl with a yellow or white ribbon or burn a scented candle of plant that flourishes at that time of the year.


    Holiday decorations usually give a loud and clear message of what the intended theme is. While you may have a stockpile of decorations for major holidays, you only need to buy

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  2. Four tips for transforming your bedroom into a tropical retreat

    If you love vacationing to exotic locations around the globe and you yearn for the beach when you're at home, you might want to think about transforming a frequently-used room into a tropical haven.

    Whether you can't get enough of Hawaii or your fondest memories take you back to Tahiti, there are a few ways you can turn your bedroom into a beachy retreat. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve your interior design goals with the right discount window treatments, linens and decor.

    1. Treat your windows right.If you aim to create a tropical bedroom that you can relax in and will make you feel like you're back on the seashore, you might want to start with

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  3. Origami - a new trend in interior design

    When you think of the traditional Japanese art form origami, you might imagine visions of paper cranes, flowers and elaborate creations that are often small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. However, the origami style is being transformed into new and exciting forms that can add a touch of modern playfulness to your interior design.

    To bring the geometric patterns and sharp folds of origami into your spaces, look for furniture pieces that resemble folded pieces of paper. This means finding chairs, tables and even pillows with geometric patterns, crisp creases and fan-like elements. even suggests creating your own unique chandelier by making a bunch of paper cranes. If you gather several fun patterns and colors of origami paper that ma

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  4. Three tips for transforming your guest room into a beach retreat

    If you have a guest bedroom that could use new discount window treatments, decorations and a cohesive interior design scheme, think beachy! A seaside theme can instantly turn your guest room into a humble retreat that your guests look forward to using every time they visit.

    Even if the rest of your home has a contemporary or country theme that doesn't seem to mesh with a nautical approach, think of the guest room as its own entity. Use free reign when decorating to create the interior design of your dreams. In the end, both you and your guests will be satisfied with your efforts! Here are a few tips on how to create the beachy feel you're striving for in this living space.

    1. Select window trea

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