You can give your home a festive touch by selecting decor according to the shifting seasons and holidays. This will lend your living space an evolving style that demonstrates your dynamic decorative abilities.


Seasonable decor isn't limited to the sense of sight. HGTV suggests tapping into the sense of smell as well. For example, during the Christmas season, you can bring in some fresh pine needles and place them in a glass bowl with a yellow or white ribbon or burn a scented candle of plant that flourishes at that time of the year.


Holiday decorations usually give a loud and clear message of what the intended theme is. While you may have a stockpile of decorations for major holidays, you only need to buy one or two things for the less-celebrated ones. For Valentine's Day, pick up a few heart-shaped dishes and fill them with chocolate, or for St. Patrick's Day, find a few green decorations that depict clovers and leprechauns. Holidays are also a good excuse to engage in fun crafts with the little ones - HGTV suggests making wreaths using things like pinecones and ribbons.


Adding some seasonal vegetation is a great way to bring the exterior appeal indoors. If you're in the midst of autumn, some tiny pumpkins or gourds will help add appropriate color to the environment. Depending on what season it is, you may also want to put some flowers in a vase and use it as a centerpiece, such as carnations or orchids. Feel free to get creative with the placement of your plants as well. You can construct decorative shelving that can be adorned with unique plants, whether it's cacti in the summer or holly in the winter. Coordinate the colors with other elements of your room, such as custom window shades or your couch.