You might love your beige cordless shades, wall color and furnishings, but when you use an extensive number of neutral colors throughout a room, the interior design can quickly fall flat. There's nothing wrong with hues such as eggshell, sandy beige and chocolate brown - in fact, these colors can add a sense of warmth and elegance to a space.

However, the key to using them to their full potential is knowing how to balance them out and utilize them throughout a living space. Here are some tips on how to view your home in an all new light by complementing the beige you have appropriately.

Complement your discount window treatments.
If you can't get enough of your wood blinds or roman shades, why not give them a little more TLC with some drapes? Consider putting up colorful drapes to give your windows more pop and make your room feel exciting

Choose bold furniture.
If you've ever heard of there being too much of a good thing, this rule applies when it comes to beige - a hue that can be inviting and soothing to the eye, but needlessly subtle at the same time. To offset the beige you have on your walls, consider bringing in a few pieces of bold furniture for added interest. You don't have to replace all of the chairs and tables in the room - simply bring in a couple of bright red, mellow yellow or cool green furnishings to contribute some flair to the space.

Mix it up with another neutral.
Beige is a hue that goes with anything, so why not take advantage of this while you're decorating? Gray, for example, can pair beautifully with beige and create a more layered, eye-catching interior design, according to Other options you might want to consider are pastels such as lavender and sea foam green. Although they have hints of bright color, they're subdued enough to let the beige speak for itself.

Use textures.
Textures and patterns can be the difference between bland and eye-popping interior design. If you want to keep with your beige color scheme but you want to add more interest, consider bringing new textures into the space. Look for pillows and throws with embellishments. Choose wallpaper with interesting, creative patterns. These key tips can help you ensure your beige living spaces are as appealing as they are comfortable.