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  1. Three simple ways to update your kitchen in a weekend

    Whether you spend most of your time at home in the kitchen or you simply pass through on a frequent basis, you don't want this area to be less than pleasing to the eye. After all, the kitchen is where families tend to congregate, discuss and prepare meals while bonding.

    If your kitchen is in dire need of some TLC, there's no better time to spruce it up with discount window treatments, new appliances and paint than now. Here are some tips for transforming your kitchen into a room to be proud of.

    1. Paint your cabinets.
    Are your cabinets still the same color they were back in the 80s? They could look brand new with a fresh coat of paint, and it'll only take you a few hours to do. Adding color

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  2. Caring for various types of discount window treatments over time

    Once you bring home bamboo window blinds and other window treatments you've been dying to use to complement your interior design, you'll want to take extra care in order to make the most of your investment. While most people prefer to hang their wood blinds and leave them, doing so can reduce the lifespan of these window treatments. Here are a few tips on how to maintain some of your most prized coverings and ensure they're around for years to come.

    Pleated shades
    Many people love the look and simplicity of

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  3. Shut The Front Door Giveaway

    We are thrilled to be a part of what we think is the biggest and best giveaway on the Internet! 16 awesome DIYers including a couple customers and partners of ours such as Makely Home's, Lindsay and Rhoday from Southern Hospitality.

    Each entry has a chance to win a variety of prize packs all in the $1500 range (and ours being $1600, with a $500 gift certificate from us, Payless Decor).

    To enter, just go here to get all the details:
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  4. Three tips for creating a cozier, welcoming living room

    If you feel that your living room isn't as comfortable as you would like it to be, it might be due to your interior design. Even the largest plush sofa and refined coffee table can only do so much to create a cozy sensation in this frequently used room in your home. Having trouble creating decor that warms your soul? Take these tips into account as you redesign your living room and turn it into a sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

    1. Combine old with new.
    House Beautiful Magazine reports that combining old and new decor can be just the trick when it comes to creating a cozy space. While you'll want to bring in new decorations to develop a fresher look, keeping around old heirlo

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  5. Three tips for making a small room instantly feel larger

    Many homeowners wish that some of the rooms in their abodes were a bit larger, but there's only so much you can do about the amount of space in your house. That being said, it's important to know how to create interior designs that cater to areas with limited room.

    Bringing in bulky furniture, dark discount window treatments and deep-colored carpeting can instantly make a small living space feel even more cramped. Here are some tips on how to create the illusion of more room in an area that could use some help.

    1. Add more light.
    As reports, rooms with a small amount of spa

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  6. Three tips for families bringing home a new puppy

    Once you decide to adopt a puppy, you choose to take on a slew of new responsibilities, one of which is to ensure your house is ready for a baby animal. Young animals need as much tender, love and care as infants, and they can get into just as much trouble.

    Certain items around your home may pose a danger to your pet, such as discount shades, open cabinets and exposed chemical products. That being said, it's important to take a proper amount of precaution when allowing your puppy to roam free. Here are a few tips you can use to make your house safer for your pet and keep it looking beautiful.

    1. Change your window treatments.
    Just as it goes with infants, blinds with cords should be avoided to prevent any accidents and injuries.

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  7. Three ways to use natural materials in your interior design scheme

    Eco-friendly interior design is the new norm these days, not only because it's better for the Earth, but because natural elements look fresh and modern. If you're looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of your space while making Mother Nature happy, consider incorporating these three materials into your interior design plans.

    1. Bamboo. From bamboo floors to bamboo curtains, this material is ideal for adding inexpensive style to your rooms. It's long-lasting, attractive and eco-friendly because bamboo is a quickly renewable crop.

    2. Wood. It may seem obvious, but wooden elements make for a wonderful, sustainable design scheme. Whether you make your own wood vase with tree bark, twine and a little help from

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  8. Tips for making your rooms flow

    As you walk throughout your house, your rooms should flow seamlessly together so their decorative feel works in perfect harmony. This synthesis between each space can come from a variety of techniques that implement color, style and design. Here are a few tips to making each room flow.

    Color coexistence

    One of the most notable characteristics of a room is the color. While the hue or tone is up to you, HGTV notes that the similarity of color from one room to the next will be conducive to the flow. For simplicity, you can make each room the same color, and to add some flair, put up a wallpaper border. If you do choose to go with different colors, it's a good idea to pick tones that will match. Go with something light or subtle so there isn't a jarring effect. For exam

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  9. How to give your hallways decorative appeal

    While many homeowners spend hours trying to find the perfect furniture arrangement in their living rooms or the most intriguing color scheme for the bedroom, hallways are often overlooked in terms of decorative potential. However, bringing a little pizzazz to your bare hallways can reinforce the overall aesthetic you're trying to achieve in your home. Here are a few design tips to keep in mind as you decorate.

    Mirrors matter
    Whether you have a spacious entry hall or a somewhat cramped passage leading to your upstairs bedroom, mirrors are great accents for making an area feel more open and comfortable. By leaning an oversized mirror on top of a side table or hanging a horizontal model running the length of the wall, you'll create the illusion of space whi

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  10. Eco-friendly bathroom improvements

    A typical bathroom is one of the most important and frequently used rooms in any home. Between grooming before work in the morning, washing away the day before bed and everything in the middle, your bathroom can contribute to a lot of energy use during an average day. Because of this, you might want to consider making a few eco-friendly decor updates to this space. Not only will this help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle, but you'll also lend a fresh, new look to your bathroom. Here are some green design tips to get started.

    Natural lighting
    Your bathroom's lighting fixtures can use a lot of electricity over the months - particularly in the summertime when energy costs tend to be higher. Because of this, consider making natural lighting the primary means of

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