Once you bring home bamboo window blinds and other window treatments you've been dying to use to complement your interior design, you'll want to take extra care in order to make the most of your investment. While most people prefer to hang their wood blinds and leave them, doing so can reduce the lifespan of these window treatments. Here are a few tips on how to maintain some of your most prized coverings and ensure they're around for years to come.

Pleated shades
Many people love the look and simplicity of pleated shades, but it's important to clean them on a regular basis if you want to keep them spectacular over time. A light dusting can easily remove debris from the shades on a weekly basis. Because some of these windows are composed of porous material, try to stay away from wetting them while cleaning.

Wood blinds
A quick dusting or vacuuming can help you maintain your wood blinds over time and allow the beautiful natural material to shine in your living space. If you want to get off a tough stain, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine recommends using a wooden oil soap - not standard soap and water - to avoid damaging the window treatment.

Custom window shades
For the most part, all custom shades should be cleaned as instructed by the manufacturer to avoid ruining the integrity of the material. A regular dusting can help eliminate debris that might be taking away from the aesthetic over time. If the shades are made of porous fibers, water should be avoided at all costs.

While some window treatments can be trickier to clean than others, taking precautionary measures and doing your homework ahead of time can pay off. In the end, you'll have shades and blinds that will last you years.