Rather than holding�seasonal items in dusty piles in a damp corner, a finished basement provides both storage and more space for yourself and your family in the form of a recreation room, family room, man cave or your area of choice. However, it's easy to capture the feel of�a finished basement without breaking the bank on flooring installation and woodwork. Here are some tips on polishing your basement into a livable space.�

It's easy to forget custom window treatments, a nice carpet and comfortable furnishings in your underground lair, but these are the finishing touches that will make it feel homey and accessible. Arranging your unwanted furniture in the basement does not make it a living space�- to make it cozy, the accessories ought to rival your upstairs. Either reupholster your old lounge chairs or consider bringing pieces down from other floors�to complete the room.�This could be the perfect excuse to do some redecorating in the main living spaces.

Little touches like blinds and shades and a clean carpet are necessary for keeping your downstairs from resembling a dusty cellar. Don't forget the small stuff that you use in your upstairs room, and your basement will look finished in no time.�