Rustic styles are all the rage these days. And even though the word technically means unsophisticated, when it comes to decor, it's just the opposite. Using a few touches of wood, handcrafted metal and an earthy color palette can change a dull bedroom into one that glows with country warmth backed by quality styles.

A true rustic bedroom gets as much sunlight as possible. To take advantage of light while still keeping in line with your country theme, use wdistressed wood blinds or fauxwood blinds that let in as much as you want. Focusing on natural materials for your discount blinds will not only maintain the rustic theme, but will also save money for antique furnishings.

Once the sun goes down, you'll still want a natural-feeling source of light. You don't need to use a kerosene lamp to make your home feel rustic - instead, try using heavily shaded lamps to keep the light at a nice, tempered glow. This will help bring out the tones of your wood furnishings as well as provide a cozy ambiance.

With a rustic bedroom, vintage is king, or at least objects that have a vintage feel. Souther Living suggests using prints of illustrated wildlife to bring the room closer to nature. Try using simple wood or matte metal frames for your pieces. Anything too flashy can take away from the country look. If possible, consider getting handmade decorations from craft stores or thrift shops. The non-commercial look and quality of these items will help bring together a continuous rustic theme.

Traditionally speaking, rustic decor relies heavily on brown and white. Don't be afraid to use raw cotton materials or other, hardy fabrics like burlap and hemp. These items look great and will often last longer than their heavily dyed counterparts.

However, don't be afraid to push the boundaries of the style. You can till have a soft and feminine look in a country-style home by using touches of pure white against brown and clay colors, notes House to Home. You can also use just about any color that's close to the earth-tone spectrum as long as it's not too bright, so don't be afraid to use pink and purple as long as they're not overpowering.