If you live in a woodsy area and want your kids to enjoy being up in the trees with all the comforts of home, you may want to consider installing a tree house. These lofty abodes can be designed in an amazing array of styles and built in many configurations. By following the right design tips, your treehouse will be�a homey addition to your yard as well.

First and foremost, check with your county and city�zoning board to ensure that building a treehouse is permissible in your neighborhood.

Secondly, pick a good tree to support your project. There are a few ways to construct a treehouse: between the branches or around the trunk. If you happen to have a tree in your yard with sturdy branches far enough apart to suspend the base of the house, you may be able to start by securing a platform across. However, you can also design a treehouse around the tree trunk - this will requires more beams and preparation, but it produces a very sturdy model, The Independent notes.�Of course, as with all carpentry projects, don't take on more than you can handle. A rickety treehouse can be both dangerous and unattractive.

While many treehouses are cabin-like, you can make yours stand out with some flair. A list of fantastical treehouses in Popular Mechanics features one modeled after the Taj Mahal. The gorgeous shapes found in the buttresses and towers of India's architectural masterpiece are mimicked here in a smaller form. While your treehouse may not be inspired by a palace, try basing your design on a theme and base the work from there.

Color and accessories
Just because a treehouse is in the woods doesn't mean is has to be rustic: You can bring�elements of interior design outdoors. Try experimenting with different wood stains for the planks, or go all-out with fun colors and play up the contrast between the natural colors of the tree and your house. Inside the house, you'll want to include some light furniture, such as lawn chairs and discount window treatments to keep the sun at bay. Using wood blinds and furniture can be very effective and will add to the natural feel of the treehouse.�

Whether you want to build it yourself or just do the design work, putting a treehouse in your yard can add fun and appeal to your property.