Whether it be for a backsplash or a bathroom floor, tiling is a do-it-yourself challenge that the ambitious homemaker loves to tackle. But before you grab the grout and don your overalls, here are some trends in tiling that you should consider exploring, and what decor they would go with.�

1. Glass�
Colorful, incandescent and fun, this is a perfect tile for a romantically-inspired commode. Their sheen looks like fish scales�and lends a mysterious tone to any bathroom or kitchen. Match blue glass tiles to neutral colors like bamboo shades for a natural-looking powder room, or use neutral glass tiles to add some shine and flair to your contemporary kitchen.�

2. Imitation�
Imitation tiles are gaining popularity in the restroom, as they offer a swell-resistant alternative to hardwood, according to HGTV.�

"The tile industry has gotten really creative at manufacturing tiles out of one material to look like another material," Christine Jurs, owner of the Advance Design Studio, told the source.�

Tile your bathroom floors with the waterproof�wood imitations, and decorate with darker hues for a rustic atmosphere. You can also go all out and take the tiles up the walls to make your washroom�resemble a spa sauna.�

3. Penny tiles
Penny tiles in shiny copper finishes cross a retro feel with a futuristic vibe. These tiles, along with other metals, give your kitchen or bathroom some functional bling. In a kitchen, try a copper penny tile backsplash paired with white cabinets and walls and dark countertops. Continue the neutral hue with wooden roller shades, and spread the shine with stainless steel appliances.�

In a bathroom, do a penny tile stripe across all four walls to break up your usual tile, or do the whole floor in the tiny tiles for a unique take on a classic floor.�