Tuscan-style design joins�rustic and�sophisticated aesthetic�into one happy union, and provides the perfect atmosphere for summer days. Here are some of the elements of the Italian-inspired decor.�

First, try to get some ideas from travel magazines or coffee table books. While the look�is easily recognized, it's not always easily defined. In other words, determining some specific elements and design ideas that you'd like to replicate in your home can help give you direction and keep you on track with your decor. This could also be as simple as clicking through some pictures on the internet.�

The color scheme in a Tuscan-style room is usually warm and features a lot of neutrals. For example, you might find off-white walls with rusty orange accents and hardwood floors. HGTV recommends drawing inspiration from an Italian hillside, and describes the typical palette as earthy. Try adding a glaze over the paint color to add dimension.

For this style of design, lots of natural materials are used, such as wood or wicker. Try hanging wicker baskets to get both the rustic element and the rough texture. However, you might also find that exposed brick and terra cotta tiling�creates�the sort of Tuscan vibe that you seek. To save money, you could look for tiles that resemble terra cotta without actually sporting the clay material. The source suggests using wrought iron accents, perhaps in the form of low-hanging overhead lighting or in intricate�candelabras.�

Tuscan style rooms typically have high ceilings and sweeping arcs, so if you have a space with unusual architecture, this kind of design might be the best way to take advantage of it. Try contributing to the natural feel of the design by plastering your walls with�an uneven texture,�like popcorn ceilings.

In the Italian countryside, where neighbors might be few and far between, custom window treatments aren't always necessary, but not all of us are so lucky. You can maintain the feel of the design by using luxurious floor-length drapes in your chosen color scheme. Other room accessories include antique accessories like trunks or heavy candle holders. For wall art, this style of room typically sticks either to bare walls or simple framed photos. You can also decorate with old-fashioned sunburst mirrors or oil paintings of the environment you're trying to emulate.�