You might already have a playroom set aside for your children, but if they aren't using it as often as they once did, it may be because of its overall design and decor. Even kids can begin to notice when an interior becomes dull and lacks intrigue. Here are a few tips on how to spruce up your children's play area with the proper discount window treatments, furnishings and decorations.

1. Make the space multifunctional.
When you dedicate a room to kids, you want it to be a space that they can use all day long. To prevent glares and uncomfortable sunlight from pouring into the space, install cordless shades to make the room a bit cozier. These window treatments can be lowered for nap time or when the high noon sun becomes unbearable through the windows. Furthermore, they're safe for kids because they lack cords, which pose the danger of entanglement.

2. Create simple seating.
Even kids appreciate having a space where they can simply plop down and get comfortable. To accomplish this goal in the playroom, bring in bean bag chairs and large throw pillows that children can lounge on. These items are not only functional but durable. Look for bean bags composed of a leather or nylon material that can be easily wiped down and cleaned.

3. Improve the craft table.
Chances are, you have a table where your kids can congregate and play with crayons and markers to create works of art. The Disney Family website recommends putting an effort into designing a craft table that's as eye-popping as it is intriguing. Making the table beautiful will keep your kids interested in using it over time. Try starting with wrapping paper to create a fun, eclectic look that your children will love.