When it comes to shopping for discount window treatments, you might find yourself struggling to discover curtains and blinds that suit your specific windows. Depending on the shape and size of your windows, it can be challenging to find everything from wood blinds to cellular shades. However, these window treatments are necessary to control the amount of light and privacy you have in your living spaces. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect blinds, shades and curtains for your windows.

1. Create a uniform appearance
If your windows are awkwardly shaped and it feels like any curtains you choose are going to look odd, think about going uniform. This means using the same window treatments throughout your living spaces to create a cohesive interior design. It may seem plain and boring, but the shapes of your windows will add all of the interest you need.

2. Go custom
Depending on how much trouble you're having finding drapes, you may want to consider custom window shades for your home, according to TLC. This can ensure that your windows are properly dressed with treatments that have the correct measurements necessary to cover all angles.

3. Keep it simple
While you may love the look of blinds or shades on your windows, you might want to play it safe with drapes or curtains, which can easily create a long, flowing appearance that hides odd edges. Keep in mind that curtains don't have to be opaque and heavy. These days, it's easy to find sheer ones that allow natural light to flow into your rooms and create a more welcoming feeling.

Whether you're interested in bringing in new window treatments or in the near future, these three tips can help you tackle those hard-to-decorate windows.