Whether you spend most of your time at home in the kitchen or you simply pass through on a frequent basis, you don't want this area to be less than pleasing to the eye. After all, the kitchen is where families tend to congregate, discuss and prepare meals while bonding.

If your kitchen is in dire need of some TLC, there's no better time to spruce it up with discount window treatments, new appliances and paint than now. Here are some tips for transforming your kitchen into a room to be proud of.

1. Paint your cabinets.
Are your cabinets still the same color they were back in the 80s? They could look brand new with a fresh coat of paint, and it'll only take you a few hours to do. Adding color to your kitchen might be all that's necessary to transform it from drab to fab.

2. Update your backsplash.
As CNN.com reports, your backsplash might be what's holding you down if it's become dated over the years and no longer caters to the interior design of the rest of your home. Consider updating your backsplash to instantly revamp the look and feel of your kitchen. Complement your tiling with custom window shades to get the full effect.

3. Be adventurous with color.
If you want to instantly breathe new life into your kitchen, FOX News recommends painting your walls a vibrant new color. Have you ever considered lime green? How about bright yellow? Although it might force you to step out of your comfort zone, doing so can freshen up your kitchen in the matter of a weekend.

Although the kitchen can be one of the most difficult spaces to remodel, a few tweaks might be all that's necessary to bring this living space back to life. Who knows? Maybe even after you finish, you'll want to spend more time cooking in this room!