With the Fourth of July right around the corner, you may be thinking of stocking up on your red, white and blue. But rather than just placing mini flags strategically around the house, here are some fun ways to salute your country with interior design.�

If you have a house that faces the street, you may be able to use the windows to make a large scale, understated�American flag. Just switch out your custom window treatments for ones that are some variation of red, white and blue. Use the white curtains in the upper level room whose windows face the street, and use the red and blue elsewhere. Extra points if you can rearrange the rest of your decor to match!

Another subtle way to decorate for the Fourth of July is to buy flowers in patriotic colors! You don't have to arrange them together, but placing them around the room is a nice nod to the nation on its birthday. Try planting flowers like lily-of-the-valley, hydrangeas, zinnias, poppies and grape hyacinths on your lawn or in window boxes for a similar effect.�