Summer is just around the corner, so�while others are stressing about their beach bodies, you can relax and have some fun decorating your bedroom for the sweltering season. Here's how.

Switch up your sheets
If you don't have AC or don't want to spend the money to put your house on ice, your bedroom is probably pretty warm. It's the perfect time to give your cozy flannel sheets a break and slip your bed into something more comfortable. Take a tip from Hugh Hefner and try something bold like satin sheets: The slippery fabric will keep you cool and give your room a fresh edge.�

Change your custom window treatments
Having multiple sets of curtains on hand to switch every season is a great way to satisfy your decorating craving. In the hotter months, take down your opulent drapes in favor of something lighter, like brightly colored�cellular shades. The delicate material can help to let some sunlight into your room and make you more energized and ready to play outdoors. Shades are also easy to adjust, meaning you can filter the light in the heat of day then let it shine as the sun starts to set.�Just remember sunscreen when you head to the beach!